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EYC Winter Festival Get-together

Monday, January 31st, 2011

EYC members are invited to a family get-together on the weekend of the Fish Creek Winter Festival.

We will meet at the Northern Grill in Sister Bay at 5:00 PM on Saturday, February 5.  Bring money for your own food and beverages.  If you plan to attend please call Susan Reynolds-Smith at (920) 854-2175 so that she can get an idea of our numbers and reserve enough tables.

Sign Up Now for 2011 Sailing Lessons

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

The EYC is one of the oldest and largest sailing schools in the United States.  In just nine weeks in 2010 the EYC taught over 200 two-week student sessions!  Along with racing, sailing education is the primary mission of the EYC, and we are making the EYC’s sailing school even better for 2011.

To learn more about the EYC’s lesson program, and to sign up now for 2011 lessons, go to  Sign up early before the most popular session dates and times fill up!

For 2011, the EYC will implement its new, detailed written curriculum which includes the use of a new textbook, Learn Sailing Right.  Parents, don’t forget to order a copy of the new textbook for each student when signing up.  Advanced Racing students will have a different textbook which will be announced later this spring.

Also new in 2011 is an adult evening lesson program, in three hour sessions on Thursday evenings beginning June 30 or July 28.  You can sign up for either four weeks or eight weeks.  This program is intended as a fun and social introduction to sailing for novices and beginner-level students.  The EYC will also continue to offer adult afternoon group lessons in one-week sessions – now at a new lower price.

Tips for parents:




Questions?  Contact EYC Commodore Marsella Fults

Improve Your Knowledge of the Racing Rules

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Sailboat racing is a game which is played by rules designed to make it fair and fun, while preventing collisions and damage.  Almost alone among major sports, sailing rules generally are enforced by the competitors, and not by separate referees or umpires.  And, penalties are self-imposed, so you need to know when you are in the wrong so you can do penalty turns instead of being disqualified later.

If you are a racing sailor, you owe it to your fellow competitors to possess at least basic knowledge of the rules.  Sailors who don’t know the rules, or worse, ignore them, spoil the sport for their fellow competitors.

Plus, because almost all racing tactics have evolved out of the limitations imposed by the rules, better knowledge of the rules will improve your racing results!

Racers at every level — from beginner to expert – can gain a better knowledge of the rules by studying books and videos.

The off-season is a great time to improve your rules knowledge.  There are lots of resources available to help sailors learn the rules, some of them free.  If there is a racing sailor in your family, one of these items might make a great holiday gift:

Start by owning and reading the rulebook.  The Racing Rules of Sailing are published by US Sailing, the governing body of the sport in the United States.  You receive a copy of the rulebook when you join US Sailing; or, you can purchase one at the US Sailing website,

US SAILING also publishes the Handy Guide to the Racing Rules of Sailing, sort of a Cliff Notes version: Guide to the Racing Rules of Sailing 2009 – 2012&VendorDesc=&Search=N

A 9-minute video version of the Handy Guide to the Racing Rules of Sailing can be viewed for free at

There are several books available which explain the racing rules.  The best known is Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing by Dave Perry.  Available at Amazon

Two similar books are The Rules in Practice 2009-2012 by Bryan Willis and Paul Elvstrom Explains the Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2012 Rules


A comprehensive DVD guide to the rules is available from US SAILING at the Rules DVD 09-12&Search=N

More advanced racers can learn a lot from Dave Perry’s 100 Best Racing Rules Quizzes 2009-2012 Best Racing Rules Quizzes 2009-2012&VendorDesc=&Search=N

Spend a little time this winter improving your knowledge of the rules, and you will see the benefits in your race results next summer!

New Scots ‘n’ Water Features EYC Article

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

The latest issue of Scots ‘n’ Water, the newsletter of the Flying Scot class, includes an interesting article by EYC member Ryan Malmgren describing how he achieved a second place finish at the 2010 Atlantic Coast Championship regatta.  The article is notable for how it describes the thought processes and tactics of an elite-level racer at a very competitive regatta.

You can view the issue at

If you are a Scot sailor but not a member of the Flying Scot Sailing Association, consider joining the FSSA.  Membership includes a subscription to Scots ‘n’ Water, allows participation in class-sanctioned events like the Midwestern Championships, the Midwinter Championships and the North American Championships, and helps maintain a strong one-design class which helps maintain the value of your Flying Scot.  To join the FSSA, go to

Buy a Sailboat in 2011

Friday, January 7th, 2011

EYC members, consider whether you should be shopping for a new (or used) sailboat for the 2011 season!

While the EYC maintains a fleet of approximately thirty sailboats for students and qualified members to use, consider these reasons why you might want to own a private Flying Scot, Laser or Optimist:

*Used boats of quality suitable for racing can be purchased for less than you might think.  A high quality used Optimist is for sale to EYC members for $999 (see!/topic.php?uid=44558737326&topic=13918; used Lasers (the most numerous one-design boat in the world, with approximately 200,000 made) can frequently be had for under $1500; and used Flying Scots come on the market almost every week, with older racing-quality boats often priced between $3000 and $5000.

Several used Scots at a range of price points currently are for sale in Wisconsin:

Scot #3156, built 1978, including sails, cover, and trailer, located in Sturgeon Bay.  Asking $3000.  Contact Richard Raydell (262) 782-4797

Scot #4328, built 1987, including sails and many extras, and rigged for racing. Asking $4,800. Contact David at

Scot #5868, built 2009, like new, with the radical racing package, sails and Trailex aluminum trailer, and many other extras, is offered for sale at $16,500 by the EYC’s own Craig Rawlins (312) 623-1514

*Sailboats are durable with proper care.   Some EYC Flying Scots have been in the same family for multiple generations, and are still as fast today as they were when new.

*Your sailboat will hold its resale value with proper care.  Because they are among the most popular classes, used Flying Scots, Lasers and Optimists can often be sold for about what you paid for them.

*In 2009 and 2010 the EYC’s boats were in such high demand for racing use that a daily draw system had to be implemented.  To be guaranteed a boat for racing, you need to own your own boat.

*Because EYC boats are used so heavily by our members and students, those boats wear and tear much more quickly than private boats, despite constant maintainance efforts by EYC staff and volunteers.  If you like to sail a boat which is in perfect condition, you should own a private boat.

*A private boat will be a faster boat for racing, for the same reasons — and because your sails will see much less use.

*Your children can be confident that their racing success (or lack thereof) is due to their effort and skills, and not to drawing an EYC boat which is perceived as faster (or slower).

*You can use a private boat to teach your children proper boat care habits.

*You and / or your children can travel to compete with a private boat.

*There is room on the EYC pier to keep your privately owned Optimist, Laser or Flying Scot.  The EYC’s dry slips are reserved for members and are reasonably priced.  For information on dry slip pricing, see

*By purchasing a private boat, you help keep the EYC’s fleets healthy.  The more boats and members who race, the better for all the racers.

*You can use your own private boat for daysailing or fun sails at any time, not just during EYC open hours and not just when the EYC’s boats happen to be available for non-lesson use.

*A boat makes a memorable holiday, birthday or anniversary gift for a child, grandchild or spouse — a gift which will keep on giving for years.  And, as the giver, you might even be invited for a ride.

The best prices on used sailboats are typically found in the fall or early winter.  Run a Google search, monitor online sites like craigslist, ebay, and boattrader, and watch the Flying Scot classified advertisements at  And keep an eye on the EYC’s own classified ads at

The EYC does not recommend the purchase of private Flying Juniors at this time, as the EYC plans to transition from FJs to 420s in the near future.

Renew Your EYC Membership for 2011

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

EYC membership renewal notices for 2011 have been mailed to all 2010 members (except Student members) and arrive in your mail box this week.  The dues are the same level as 2010.

If your renewal is postmarked by February 28 and accompanied by the correct payment, you are entitled to an early renewal discount (except Student members). (Student members can renew their memberships online when they sign up for 2011 lessons.  Keep an eye out for a future e-mail announcing when lesson sign-ups are open.)

The EYC membership year is from June 1 through the following May 31.  Please make sure that you check all your directory information carefully on the renewal form and include information for any children under the age of 25.  Your renewal must be postmarked by April 1 in order to guarantee your inclusion in the 2011 Membership Directory booklet.

The EYC is a bargain!  There is no place else where you can get free use of 30 sailboats and kayaks, high quality racing in four one-design classes, access to one of the largest lesson programs in the United States, junior and teen activities, swimming and sunning on the EYC pier, bridge and bunco overlooking beautiful Eagle Harbor, and numerous social events with your friendly fellow members — all for less than $150 per year.

Remember, in order to use EYC facilities and take part in EYC activities, you must be a member of the EYC.  Parents and grandparents of students are reminded that, in order for a junior to take part in EYC lessons and junior activities, that junior must be either a Student member or the child of a Family member.  Mere status as the grandchild of an EYC member is NOT sufficient to allow a junior to sign up for lessons or participate in junior activities.

Return your membership renewal soon to keep your access to your second home on the water — the Ephraim Yacht Club!

If you have any questions about membership, or if you do not receive your renewal notice soon, contact  EYC’s Membership chair, Nancy Claypool, at or (504) 593-0875.

The Ephraim Yacht Club is a family oriented non-profit organization focused on forwarding sailing education and racing to students of all ages located in the town of Ephraim, in Door County, Wisconsin on beautiful Eagle Harbor.