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Know and Follow the EYC’s Parking Policy

Monday, May 30th, 2011

The EYC has only three parking spaces.  The EYC has more than 300 members.  As a result, the EYC has a parking policy.  Members are reminded to follow the Parking Policy, located on the EYC website at

Parking Policy Q and A:

Q:  Why does the EYC need to have a parking policy?

A:  Because with only three parking spaces and 300-plus members, the number of cars arriving and seeking to park at the EYC at certain times can be very high.  This causes issues of safety and fairness to fellow members.  In addition, when EYC members occupy or block the private parking spaces of Ephraim Yacht Harbor slip holders, that could damage the EYC’s good relationship with its neighbor, the EYH.

Q:  What are the safety issues?

A:  The following practices, now prohibited, are hazardous, especially with so many EYC juniors running around:  stopping on the shoulder of Hwy. 42 to drop off or pick up passengers; stopping behind EYC or EYH parking spots to drop off or pick up passengers; and driving down the EYC’s driveway to the lower level.

Q:  What are the fairness issues?

A:  Among other things, when you double-park behind a vehicle parked in an EYC space, you block that person in.

Q:  Can’t I double-park behind someone if I know that person and if I remain available to move my car when asked?

A:  No, because then others will think double-parking is OK and will double-park behind people they don’t even know.  Also, by double-parking, you are so close to Hwy. 42 traffic that your vehicle constitutes a safety hazard.

Q:  Why is it the EYC’s business if I park in, or block, a private parking space belonging to an Ephraim Yacht Harbor slip holder?

A:  The EYC wants to maintain its good relationship with the EYH.  The EYH helps out the EYC in a lot of ways, including by providing water, the ability to temporarily tie boats to the EYH pier, the use of EYH driveway to access the EYC pier, and more.  EYH slip holders pay a lot of money to rent their parking spaces and they should be able to use those spaces without having to wait for an EYC member to get out of the way.

Q:  But I am only blocking a private EYH space for a minute or two.

A:  That space — and the entire EYH parking lot — is PRIVATE PROPERTY.  And Murphy’s Law says that the owner will show up expecting to park there during the minute or two you are parked there.

Q: Doesn’t the EYC really have four parking spaces?

A:  The fourth space is marked only for very short term loading and unloading of persons and gear.  Please unload quickly, then promptly move your vehicle to make room for the next EYC member.

Q:  Can’t I park on the grass just north of the EYC’s parking lot?  People have been doing that for years.

A:  No.  If we wanted that to be a parking spot, we would have paved it.

Q:  Please, can’t I park on the grass just for a minute?

A:  No.  By parking on the grass, you block the handicapped / senior entrance to the clubhouse.  You also kill the beautiful green grass, which the EYC’s volunteer Clubhouse Chairman has labored mightily to grow.  You also block the view of persons backing out of the EYC’s three parking spaces.

Q:  Well, where should I park, then?

A:  Members are encouraged to leave the EYC’s three parking spaces for our more senior members.  Members are invited to drop off passengers and to park at the public parking lot on the corner of Spruce Street and Hwy. 42, just a short, healthy, 100-yard walk from the EYC.  Also, you can park at Anderson’s Dock, just a block north of the EYC.

Q:  Those are too far away to be convenient.

A:  A hundred yards is too far for you to walk?  Back when the EYC was a kid, it had to walk five miles to school all year round, uphill both ways, barefoot, in two feet of snow.

Q:  Are there exceptions to the parking rules?

A:  There are a very few limited exceptions, including for dropping off handicapped persons.  See the Parking Policy at for details.

Help Open the EYC this Saturday May 28

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

All EYC members are requested and encouraged to help open the EYC beginning at 9:00 AM this Saturday, May 28, rain or shine.  There will be plenty of projects — including opening and cleaning the clubhouse, rigging boats and other gear, and setting up the pier — for members of all ages, abilities and strengths.  Work is expected to last until around lunchtime.

The EYC will provide lunch for those who work, which will afford everyone an opportunity to catch up after a long off-season.

A few of us will be there before 9:00 so feel free to show up earlier if you wish.

No need to RSVP, just bring yourself in work mode!

Donate to the EYC!

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

One of the reasons that EYC membership is such a good value is that many generous members donate cash and other items to the EYC.

The EYC always welcomes in-kind donations to help keep its fleet of powerboats and sailboats modern and in good condition.  Help support the EYC’s charitable mission of sailing education by donating one of the following.  Your donation is tax deductible:

*Powerboats suitable for teaching lessons, size 14 to 20 feet, either fiberglass or rigid-bottom-inflatable.

*Personal watercraft (Wave Runner or similar), for instructor use in teaching lessons.

*Boat lifts (Shore Station or similar).

*Four-stroke outboard motors.

*Sailboats and sailboat parts:  Flying Scots, Lasers, Optimists.

The EYC also welcomes donations of equipment in good condition which might not be used in the EYC’s programs, but which the EYC can sell to raise funds.

Of course, donations of cash or securities are always welcome.  To donate, contact EYC Commodore Marsella Fults

2011 NAC Regatta; Laser Name Winner; Trailers

Friday, May 20th, 2011

The 2011 Flying Scot North American Championship regatta will be held at Cedar Point Yacht Club, on Long Island Sound, Westport, Connnecticut, July 9-15.  As EYC members learned in 2009, the NAC is a lot of fun!  Competing at the national level is a great way to improve the skills of even the best sailors.  For more information go to

Keep an eye open for information on the 2012 Flying Scot NAC, which will be held at Lake Carlyle, Illinois, near St. Louis.

A big thanks to EYC members Eric and Carrie Berger who will donate $200 to name the EYC’s eighth Laser!

All the EYC’s trailers which were for sale have been spoken for.  Thanks to all the EYC members who expressed interest in purchasing a trailer.

The EYC is Selling Some Trailers

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

In building its Laser fleet to eight, the Ephraim Yacht Club has acquired more boat trailers than it needs.  Three surplus trailers are offered for sale by the EYC.

One ($400) is a custom Laser trailer with gunwale supports, the best kind of trailer for a Laser.

Another ($250) has bunks custom-fitted to support a Laser hull, or could be modified with new bunks to fit other kinds of boats.

The third ($300) is a generic small boat trailer which would be suitable for a Laser, small aluminum boat of approximately 12 feet to 14 feet in length, or canoe.

All are in good used condition.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these trailers, please e-mail for further information and pictures.

You Can Name the EYC’s Eighth Laser

Monday, May 16th, 2011

The EYC purchased six Lasers in 2010.  The boats were so popular with students and racers that the EYC has added two more Lasers for 2011, for a total of eight.  The EYC is also purchasing eight new Laser sails for 2011 so that the Lasers will be more evenly matched for racing.

Thanks to Prilla and Tony Beadell for donating $200 in exchange for the right to name the EYC’s seventh Laser.  That leaves our eighth Laser still to be named.  The naming rights to the eighth Laser will be sold for $200, to the first person to e-mail with the phrase “I love the EYC!”  (Be sure to give your name and phone number in your e-mail, too.)

Thanks to EYC Treasurer Deb Ritter for finding Laser #8 for sale online, and thanks to EYC Rear Commodore David Sauter for taking time out of his weekend on short notice to assess, purchase, and pick up the boat.

Although the EYC does not plan to purchase any more Lasers for 2011, the EYC will still gratefully accept donations of Lasers, Laser sails and Laser parts.  Remember, your donation to the EYC is tax-deductible!

Changes to 2011 Lessons Will Limit Enrollment; Sign up Now!

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

If you have signed up, or may sign up, for 2011 sailing lessons at the EYC, please read this carefully.

The EYC is experiencing unprecedented levels of demand for its 2011 group sailing lessons.  In order to limit enrollment to quantities which allow the EYC to maintain and improve the quality of its lessons, the EYC is making some changes in the lessons offered:

1.  The EYC has placed limits on enrollment for each lesson level, in each time period (“session”).  Most classes will be limited to six students per senior instructor.  (In many classes, junior instructors will also assist in teaching, making the student / instructor ratio well under 6:1.)  Although in past years the EYC was often willing to squeeze in a few extra students at the last minute into the more popular lessons and sessions, this year the enrollment limits will be strictly followed.  Enroll now!

2.  Due to numerous requests, the EYC will offer separate beginner lessons for teens.  Level 1 lessons for teens will be offered in sessions B through E.  Level 2 lessons for teens will be offered in sessions C through E.  Teen beginner lessons will be taught in the afternoons, to students who have reached their 13th birthday as of June 13, 2011.  Level 1 and 2 lessons for students of any age will continue to be offered mornings in every session and afternoons in Sessions B through E.  Parents who have already signed up their teen for an all-ages Level 1 or Level 2 lesson, and who want to move that teen to the afternoon teens-only lesson, may do so by emailing

3.  Due to lack of demand, the EYC no longer will offer group Cruising lessons except mornings during Session C.  Cruising lessons provide advanced instruction for students who have completed Level 4 and obtained a skippers license, but who do not want to take the Advanced Racing class.

The rest of the EYC’s lesson program offerings, from first graders to adults, including the EYC’s new summer-long adult Thursday evening lessons, remain unchanged.

If you plan to take lessons in 2011 and have not yet signed up, sign up at soon before the lesson level and session which you want is full.

Tips for parents:

1.  Please carefully read and follow all the information and instructions provided during the on-line signup process.

2.  The most popular (and crowded) sessions are sessions C, D, and E, in the mornings.  If those sessions are full, or if you prefer to maximize the chance that your child will experience a lower student/instructor ratio, sign up for sessions A or B, and/or sign up for afternoon lessons instead of morning lessons.

3.  EYC membership is required in order to take lessons.  A junior student must either be a Student member, or the child of a Family member.  Being the niece, nephew, grandchild, or house guest of a Family member is not in itself sufficient to entitle a junior student to take lessons.  Student membership is only $50, no initiation fee required.  Family members who have not already renewed should contact the EYC’s membership chairman Nancy Claypool  Student memberships are purchased during the online lesson sign-up process.

4.  Sign up your child for the correct lesson level (one level above the level most recently successfully passed).  You should have received a report card at the end of the last session your child completed, which indicates at which level the child should enroll next.  If you do not remember which level your child most recently passed, or if your child is transferring into the EYC program above a beginner level, e-mail for instructions.

For a complete description of the EYC’s lesson program, go to  If you have any questions about the EYC’s lesson program, please e-mail

Help Open the EYC Saturday May 28

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Mark your calendar now to spend a few hours at the EYC beginning at 9:00 AM on Saturday, May 28, to open the Clubhouse and start off the season.  Work begins at 9:00 AM and is expected to last until lunchtime.  All EYC members are encouraged to help — there will be jobs for people of all abilities.  Last year over 50 members helped…many hands make light work…please help the EYC exceed last year’s total!

No need to RSVP, just bring yourself and your summer outlook!

2011 Midwest Flying Scot Regattas

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

In 2011, EYC Flying Scot sailors have the opportunity to travel to two excellent nearby regattas.

The Flying Scot Midwestern District Championship regatta will be hosted August 26-28 by the Clinton Lake Sailing Association.  Clinton Lake is located approximately 3o minutes west of Champaign, Illinois.  The Midwesterns will be held in conjunction with the CLSA’s annual Glow in the Dark Regatta, always an inexpensive, casual and fun event.  Please note that the date of this event has been changed from its previously announced date in late September.  For the Notice of Race, go to

The Flying Scot Sailing Association’s Wife-Husband Regatta will be held July 30-31 at the Delavan Lake Yacht Club, Delavan Lake, Wisconsin.  This is a good opportunity for married EYC sailors to compete in a national event close to home.  For more information, go to

Mark you calendar now for these events!  Racing outside the EYC, on different waters and against top competition, is one of the best ways to improve your sailing skills.

Bishop Robert Anderson

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

The EYC has received the sad news that EYC member Bishop Robert Anderson passed away on May 3 in Minneapolis. He leaves his wife, Mary, four children and eight grandchildren, with a ninth on the way. A memorial service is planned for this summer at Church of the Atonement in Fish Creek.

An obituary is at

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