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Help Close the EYC Saturday September 3

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

All EYC members are requested to help put away the EYC’s gear and close the clubhouse on the morning of Saturday, September 3 from 9:00 AM until approximately noon.

This year, most of the EYC staff had to leave to start school just as lessons ended, meaning there are a lot of club closing to-do items remaining for the members.  Please help give back to the club which provides such great value!  There are jobs for persons of all strengths and skills.

The EYC will provide burgers and brats on the grill beginning around 12:30 PM, for all who help.  BYO beverages and chips.

Second Dock Cam / Great Deals on Like-New Flying Scots

Monday, August 29th, 2011

One of the most popular features of the EYC’s website is the Dock Cam.  You can view it by going to the EYC’s home page at and clicking the “Dock Cam” tab at the top.

Now the EYC has TWO dock cams.  The first dock cam faces west; the new one faces north.  To view both cams, in the cam window, click “multi”.

If you are considering the purchase of a new Flying Scot, you can get one used for a just a few days in the 2011 Adams Cup for 15% off:

Old Eagle’s Cry Newsletters Posted

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Eight back issues of the EYC’s Eagle’s Cry newsletter have been posted on the EYC’s website at

They are May 1985, January 1988, December 1989, January 1992, January 1994, Spring 1995, July 1995, and Winter 1996.  They are a lot of fun to read, triggering memories of old friends (and of current friends before they were old.)  If you or your family have been members since then, chances are you are mentioned in one of these back issues.

If you have an Eagle’s Cry back issue which is not already posted on the EYC’s website, the EYC would be very glad to receive a copy of it.  Contact

Buy an International Optimist

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

The EYC’s fleet of International Optimists is one of the EYC’s most popular fleets for racing.  In 2011, sixteen junior skippers raced in the EYC’s Saturday afternoon Optimist series, and nineteen skippers raced in the Tuesday evening series.

The Optimist class also saw a number of days during the peak of the EYC’s season when the number of EYC juniors seeking to use an EYC-owned Optimist exceeded the eight Optimists in the EYC-owned fleet.  On July 16, to use the most extreme example, there were seventeen EYC juniors seeking to draw an EYC Optimist for that evening’s racing.  While “more racers than boats” is a good problem to have, the EYC is exploring ways to increase Optimist racing opportunity for 2012.

Fundamentally, there are only two ways to increase Optimist racing opportunity.  The first is to hold more races, which the EYC is likely to do.

The second is to increase the number of Optimists in the EYC Optimist fleet.  The EYC has received one donated Optimist (thanks, Joel and Suzy Dykman!) and is actively seeking donations of additional Optimists.  Depending on the EYC’s financial situation, the EYC may attempt to purchase a second Optimist to increase the EYC-owned fleet to ten for 2012, an increase of 25%.

However, the EYC’s board of directors recently reviewed its fleets and reaffirmed longstanding EYC policy that the EYC determines its investment in its various fleets by the needs of its lesson program and not by the maximum number of racers who may wish to race in an EYC boat for free.  The EYC can use ten Optimists in lessons; however, the EYC does not contemplate owning twelve, fourteen, or seventeen Optimists any time soon, unless they are donated.

So, parents who wish to guarantee that their child always has an Optimist to race, should purchase their own Optimist.  Late summer and fall are excellent times to buy used Optimists as parents put up for sale Optimists which their children have grown out of.

Optimists are relatively inexpensive; a new one purchased from Laser Performance Inc. is less than $2500 (see; from McLaughlin Boat Works, a new one costs approximately as little as $2350 (or $2000 if you purchase an “event boat”) (see

Used Optimists in very good condition can be had for as little as $1000.  Two used Optimists are currently for sale to EYC members on the EYC Classified Advertisements page for $999 and $1100, respectively.   See  Additional used Optimists in your area can be found with a simple Google search.

Furthermore, because the Optimist is the most numerous one-design sailboat in the world, and because the EYC’s lesson program creates a steady stream of new junior sailors, your Optimist readily can be sold when your children move on to Lasers,  Flying Juniors, 420s and Flying Scots.

In 2011, did your child or grandchild come away from an EYC Optimist boat draw frustrated and sad because he or she did not draw a boat?  There is only one way to guarantee that won’t happen again in 2012:  buy your own Optimist.

The EYC is Auctioning a Wave Runner

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

***  BIDDING UPDATE ***  No bids have been received as of August 29, 2011.

EYC members Lisa and Paul Olson generously donated a used Wave Runner, trailer and boat lift to the EYC.  The Wave Runner and trailer don’t quite fit the EYC’s needs, so the EYC is auctioning the off the Wave Runner and trailer, to raise funds.  BID NOW to help the EYC and to pick up that Wave Runner you always wanted!

Details: Yamaha Wave Runner 650LX, used, in good working condition.  New battery and new trailer strap.  The trailer is in nice condition too, with no rust and good lights, wiring and tires.

A picture is available at

Questions about the Wave Runner?  E-mail

TO BID: send an e-mail to giving your name and the bid amount. Starting bid amount is $500. Bids must be in multiples of $10.  To see the recent high bid amount, go to Final bid deadline is noon, Central Time, September 4, 2011.   The high bidder is required to pay the bid amount by personal check not later than September 12, 2011.  The Wave Runner can be inspected at the EYC on Saturday, September 3.  For a winning bidder who is outside Door County, the EYC will store the Wave Runner until June 2012 free of charge.

Remember, because of its educational and amateur athletic mission, the EYC is qualified as a charity under Federal tax law, and therefore your donation is tax-deductible.  The EYC would be grateful to receive your donation of cash, appreciated securities, and equipment which the EYC can either use or sell.  Among the items which the EYC would particularly like to receive are:

* Flying Scot, Optimist, Laser and 420 sailboats, and sails and equipment for them.
* Powerboats from 13 to 20 feet, suitable for use in the EYC’s lesson program.
* 4-stroke outboard motors.
* Shore Stations and similar boat lifts

The EYC will also gladly accept other marine items in good condition which can be used in the EYC’s programs or sold to raise funds for the EYC.

Flying Scots for Sale

Friday, August 19th, 2011

A number of EYC members are looking to purchase a used Flying Scot for racing and family use for 2012.  Late summer and fall is the best time to get a bargain on a used Scot or other sailboat!  The Flying Scot is the third-largest one-design sailboat class in the US, so there are always lots of used Scots available at all price points. 

Keep an eye on the Flying Scot Sailing Association for-sale pages at and at 

Or do a periodic Google search, or set a Google Alert for “Flying Scot Sailboat”.

Here are some inexpensive used Scots listed for sale in places near where EYC members live:

Hull #2629 Features:  Douglas built with aluminum mast and boom, two sets main and jib, one spinnaker.  Light blue deck, white hull with red stripe. Motor mount and 3 hp Mercury OB. Galvanized trailer with spare tire . Spinnaker pole, 4 bumpers, anchor, custom wood deck racks, box of spare Scot parts. Licensed WI.  On trailer in Fond du Lac WI (one hour north of Milwaukee). Asking $4,000. Contact Craig Postier 920-948-5415

Flying Scot, 1974 #2506, 3rd owner, fresh water sailed, Kansas City area.  Douglass hull, no soft spots or cracks. Barely used North Sails, main, jib, spinnaker.  British Seagull motor and original sails. Trailer. Swim ladder, ready to install new bow bag, mast float and port.  Email or phone 913-522-2618  Asking $3500.

1972 Flying Scot, 2 set of sails (main and jib), trailer. Located Milwaukee Community Sailing Center.   Call or text 414 334-1803.  Asking $1500.



2011 Race Results

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Congratulations to all 2011 EYC racers! We had the biggest racing season ever at the EYC, with more race participation than ever before.  Racing is half of the EYC’s core mission, so a high level of racing participation indicates a healthy EYC:

Monday Flying Scots: 19 boats
Tuesday Optimists: 19 skippers
Friday Flying Juniors: 28 skippers
Friday Lasers: 15 skippers
Saturday Flying Scots: 21 boats
Saturday Optimists: 16 skippers
Sunday Flying Juniors: 21 skippers
Sunday Lasers: 7 skippers

Plus, each of the Ephraim Regatta, the Women’s Regatta, the Family Regatta, the Optimist Regatta, and the Rich Hall Junior Regatta saw high levels of participation, every available EYC-owned boat being used.

Congrats to the series trophy winners:

Monday Flying Scots: 1st “Reindeer” Jay Lott and Annika Pearson; 2nd “Undaunted” Joani Lewis and various crew; 3rd “Skizot” Woody Heidler and various crew.
Tuesday Optimists: 1st Eric Hoyerman, 2nd Steven Richter, 3rd Sydney Richter
Friday Flying Juniors: 1st Teddy Papenthien, 2nd Will Gheorghita, 3rd Megan Bierman
Friday Lasers: 1st Ally Dykman, 2nd Brian Ritter, 3rd Eric Richter
Saturday Flying Scots: 1st “Reindeer” Jay Lott and Matt Andersen; 2nd “Undaunted” Joani Lewis and various crew; 3rd “Skizot” Woody Heidler and various crew
Saturday Optimists: 1st Sydney Richter, 2nd Steven Richter, 3rd Gretchen Pearson
Sunday Flying Juniors:  1st Matt Andersen, 2nd Will Gheorghita, 3rd Gretchen Pearson
Sunday Lasers: 1st Ally Dykman, 2nd Teddy Papenthien, 3rd Max Werner

For complete 2011 EYC race results, go to

EYC Hours and Services

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Most of the EYC’s programmed summer events are over, capped off with a wonderful Commodore’s Party at the Sister Bay sports pavilion, and a perfect windy day for the last races on Sunday, August 14.

But that does not mean that members cannot still use the EYC! Swimming, cooking out on the EYC’s grills, and other non-scheduled use of the EYC’s facilities can continue as long as weather permits. Bridge will continue as scheduled through September 27.  The EYC’s evening adult sailing lessons continue through Thursday, August 18.

The club will remain open, with staff, from 10 AM until 3 PM daily through Sunday, August 21. Qualified EYC members can use EYC sailboats during those hours; please call the EYC ahead of time to confirm availability. Private lessons are also available during those hours by appointment.

Members are requested to empty their lockers prior to August 21. After that date, the pier and crane can still be used, and the clubhouse can be opened in case of need by contacting

Help Close the EYC Saturday September 3

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

Mark your calendar now!  Please help put away the EYC’s gear and close down the clubhouse on the morning of Saturday, September 3 from 9:00 AM until approximately noon.  Many hands make light work so please help!  There are jobs for persons of all strengths and skill levels.  The EYC will provide burgers and brats on the grill beginning around 12:30 PM, for all who help.  BYO beverages and chips.

Races this Weekend

Friday, August 12th, 2011

EYC racers are reminded that in order to avoid conflict with the EYC’s annual membership meeting and summer board meeting, the Flying Scot races which would normally be held on Saturday, August 13 will be held instead on Sunday, August 14. The draw to use an EYC-owned boat will be at 9:15 AM, the optional skippers meeting will be at 9:30 AM and the first race is scheduled to begin at 10:00 AM.

The Laser and Flying Junior races on Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, and the Optimist races on Saturday afternoon, will be held as usual. Sunday, August 14 is the last day of racing at the EYC in 2011.

For complete information about racing at the EYC, including the Notice of Race which contains the season-long race schedule, see

The Ephraim Yacht Club is a family oriented non-profit organization focused on forwarding sailing education and racing to students of all ages located in the town of Ephraim, in Door County, Wisconsin on beautiful Eagle Harbor.