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Recruit a New Member for the EYC

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

The EYC is Door County’s only community sailing center and is the best recreational value in Door County, a “second home on the water” for its members.

We are repeatedly amazed that many longtime Door County residents and visitors don’t know how easy and inexpensive it is to join the EYC, and what terrific value is provided in return.  When you talk to your friends who are boaters (or whose children need to learn to sail) but who are not yet EYC members, let them know about the EYC:

*Anyone can join, no sponsorship or recommendation required.

*The EYC is inexpensive.  Dues for the 2012-2013 membership year are just $175 for a full Family membership, less for Senior and Single members.

*For junior students whose parents are not Family members, Student memberships are available for only $50, with no initiation fee.

*Sailing lessons for juniors and adults.

*Racing six days per week, in your own boat or one owned by the EYC.

*Numerous family-friendly social events.

*Dry slips for sailboats, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards, and lockers, available for rent.

*Weekly structured youth activities for first graders through teens, plus daily unstructured youth activities.

*A prime location on the Ephraim waterfront, plus grilling, swimming, bunco, bridge, yoga, four-square, and ping-pong.

*Your EYC membership affords you reciprocal privileges at hundreds of yacht clubs throughout the United States.

* Scholarships to defray lesson tuition and to pay Student membership fees are available to families who could not otherwise afford to place their students in EYC lessons.

Help grow the EYC’s membership by recruiting a new member for the EYC!  For more information on joining the EYC, and to get a copy of the membership application, go to

Teen Sailing Lessons at the EYC

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

In addition to its regular beginning sailing lessons (which are offered to students who have completed at least first grade), the EYC offers separate beginner-level sailing classes solely for teenagers.

This is a great opportunity for teens to take group lessons together with those of a similar age, maturity, and learning capacity.

Teen group beginner lessons are offered weekday afternoons (1:30 to 4:30 PM) in sessions B through E (June 18 through August 10).  Lesson sessions are two weeks long and include 30 hours of instruction.  Tuition is $325.

For more information about the EYC’s lesson program, and to sign up for lessons, go to

Flying Scot Midwinter Championship Regatta

Friday, January 27th, 2012

EYC Flying Scot sailors should consider racing in the Flying Scot Midwestern Championship Regatta, March 18-23, 2012, at Southern Yacht Club, New Orleans.

The Midwinters are a great excuse to get to a warmer clime and to test your skills against some of the best Scot sailors in the country.  Or, if you prefer more relaxed racing, you can compete in the Challenger Fleet and compete against some people who are not among the best Scot sailors in the country.

In either case, you can enjoy SYC’s southern hospitality and excellent new clubhouse, featuring a third-floor balcony, bar and dining room with race course views, swimming pool, great New Orleans-style meals, and more!

For more information see the Notice of Race at

How to Help Your Junior Race More Successfully

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

As the EYC’s racing program grows, we see more and more EYC parents who want their children to race successfully.  Here are a few thoughts on helping your junior race with success.

First, recognize that the definition of “success” may vary from one junior to another.  How does your junior define success?  Getting around the race course by herself?  Winning?  Learning and improving?  Having fun in the boat with friends?  Once you know how your junior defines “success,” you will be in a better position to help.  Each race has only one winner, but there are dozens of races in a season, and most juniors recognize that improvement over the course of a season is a significant achievement.

ENCOURAGE.  Your child might need encouragement just to show up, or a reminder that racing opportunities exist.  Learn the EYC’s racing schedule and make sure your junior shows up on time and raring to go!

EQUIP.  Make sure your junior is equipped with the personal gear she needs to race:  sailing gloves, proper clothing or foul weather gear, nonskid shoes, a watch with a countdown timer (Flying Scots only), and a PFD which isn’t too nerdy-looking and fits right.

FIND A RIDE.  Help your junior get a position crewing for another skipper.  Crewing is a great way to learn and to make new friends, but some juniors are too shy to ask adults or others if they need crew.

RIG.  If your junior draws an EYC-owned boat to race, help your junior rig that boat.  Making sure the rigging is right and that your junior is on time for the start is half the battle in junior racing.  If you are not sure of the finer details of rigging, ask other EYC members or staff to help you and your junior.

CHEER.  Stay to watch the races, cheer your junior on, and socialize with other parents and grandparents.  You might even be offered a ride on someone’s spectator boat, or a cocktail!

SAIL TOGETHER.  Sailing can be an excellent family sport.  If you are a proficient sailor, your junior can learn from you (just make sure to keep it fun).  If you are a beginner sailor, you can crew for your junior, a rare opportunity for your junior to play the role of the knowledgable teacher while you are the learner.

LEARN.  Even in the off season, you can encourage your junior’s interest in sailboat racing, and help him learn, with sailboat racing books, DVDs, and magazine subscriptions.  Check our the store on US SAILING’s website at

BUY A BOAT.  Nothing tells your junior that your are committed to his sailing success like buying a racing sailboat.  Lasers, Optimists, and Flying Scots in good used condition are less expensive than you think, hold their resale value, and will repay your investment many times over, by making sure your junior always has a boat to race.  Racing a private boat means your junior can be confident that his skills and determination, not his boat, determine his race results.

Sign up now for 2012 Sailing Lessons

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

The EYC is justifiably proud of its sailing school.  The EYC operates one of the oldest and largest sailing schools in the United States.  In just nine weeks in 2011 the EYC taught over 250 student sessions, up over 10% from 2010.  Every year we get lots of compliments on the quality of our lesson program, and enrollment grows, so we know we are doing it right!

Even so, we strive to make the EYC’s sailing school better every year.  In 2012 we are making more improvements to the curriculum and to instructor training.

To learn more about the EYC’s lesson program, and to sign up now for 2012 lessons, go to  Sign up early before the most popular session dates and times fill up!

Some popular features added in 2011 will continue in 2o12.  Beginner lessons exclusively for teenagers are offered in the afternoon in Sessions B, C, D and E.  Adult lessons are offered in the afternoons in one-week sessions.  Alternatively, adults can take lessons every Thursday evening for four or eight weeks.

Tips for parents:

1.   Please carefully read all the information provided during the on-line signup process.

2.  The most popular (and crowded) sessions are sessions C, D and E, in the mornings.  If those sessions are full, or if you prefer to maximize the chance that your child will experience a lower student/instructor ratio, sign up for sessions A or B, and/or sign up for afternoon lessons instead of morning lessons.  In order to encourage signup for afternoon lessons, most lesson levels are offered at a discounted price in the afternoon.

3.  EYC membership is required in order to take lessons.  A junior student must be the child of a Family member, or a Student member.  Being the niece, nephew, grandchild, or house guest of a Family member is not in itself sufficient to entitle a junior student to take lessons.  Student membership is only $50, no initiation fee required.  Family members should already have received membership renewal notices via U.S. Mail; Student memberships are purchased during the lesson sign-up process.

4.  Sign up your child for the correct lesson level (one level above the level most recently successfully passed.  Note that just because your child took a lesson level does not mean your child passed that lesson level.)  If you do not remember which level your child most recently passed, check the report card you received at the end of your child’s final lesson session.  If you can’t find the report card,  just make your best guess and the EYC will adjust the student’s level if necessary.

Questions?  Contact Education Committee chairman Jay Lott

Renew your EYC membership for 2012

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

EYC membership renewal notices for 2012 have been mailed to all 2011 members (except Student members) and should arrive in your mail box this week.

If your renewal is postmarked by February 29 and accompanied by the correct payment, you are entitled to an early renewal discount (except Student members).  Student members can renew their memberships online when they sign up for 2012 lessons.  Keep an eye out for a future e-mail announcing when lesson sign-ups are open.

The EYC membership year is from June 1 through the following May 31.  Please make sure that you check all your directory information carefully on the renewal form and include information for any children under the age of 25.  Your renewal must be postmarked by April 1 in order to guarantee your inclusion in the 2012 Membership Directory booklet.

EYC membership is a bargain!  There is no place else where you get free use of 34 sailboats and kayaks, high quality racing in four one-design classes, access to one of the largest and most professional lesson programs in the United States, organized junior and teen social activities, swimming and sunning on the EYC pier, bridge and bunco overlooking beautiful Eagle Harbor, numerous social events with your friendly fellow members, and reciprocal rights to other yacht clubs, all for less than $175 per year.

Remember, in order to use EYC facilities and take part in EYC activities, you must be a member of the Ephraim Yacht Club.  Parents and grandparents, remember that for a junior to take part in EYC lessons and junior activities, the junior must be either a Student member or the child of a Family member.  A junior who is a grandchild of an EYC member may participate in lessons or junior activities only if the junior joins as a Student member or if the junior’s parents are Family members.

If you have any questions about membership, or if you do not receive your renewal notice soon, contact the EYC’s Membership chair, Nancy Claypool or phone (504) 593-0875.

The Ephraim Yacht Club is a family oriented non-profit organization focused on forwarding sailing education and racing to students of all ages located in the town of Ephraim, in Door County, Wisconsin on beautiful Eagle Harbor.