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Last Chance to Bid on the EYC’s Wave Runner

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Noon on May 1 is the deadline to bid in the auction to purchase the EYC’s used Wave Runner and trailer.  Currently the high bid is only $270.

Details: Yamaha Wave Runner 650LX, used.  Needs a new fuel pump, according to the EYC’s mechanic.  Already has a new battery and a new trailer strap.  The trailer is in nice condition, with no rust and good lights, wiring and tires.

A picture is available at

Questions about the Wave Runner?  E-mail

TO BID: send an e-mail to giving your name and the bid amount. Sorry, in order to keep things fair for all bidders, no further information as to the current high bid amount will be provided.  Bids must be in multiples of $10.  Final bid deadline is noon, Central Time, May 1, 2012.   The high bidder is required to pay the bid amount by personal check not later than May 10, 2012.  The Wave Runner can be inspected in Bailey’s Harbor — contact to arrange for a viewing.  For a winning bidder who is outside Door County, the EYC will store the Wave Runner until June 2012 free of charge.

Sign up now for Adult Sailing Lessons

Friday, April 27th, 2012

If you are an adult EYC member who wants to learn to sail, or to improve existing sailing skills, the EYC has lessons for you!  The EYC offers both group and private lessons for adults.

EYC adult group lessons are geared to beginners or near-beginners.  They are offered in two formats:

*  Adult afternoon lessons are offered in one-week sessions, Monday through Friday, from 1:30 to 4:30 PM, each week beginning June 11 through August 17.  Price is $162.50 for 5 days (15 hours) of instruction.

*  Adult evening lessons are offered Thursday evenings from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM, beginning June 28 through August 16.  You can sign up for four weeks ($130) or eight weeks ($260).

The EYC’s adult group lessons are designed to provide a relaxed, social learning atmosphere, and are taught in the EYC’s fleet of stable, easy-to-sail Flying Scots.

More advanced adult students, or adults who want to learn as quickly as possible, can take private lessons.  To sign up for private lessons, contact EYC Director Alex Zalar at the EYC after June 4.

For more information on EYC lessons for juniors, teens, and adults, and to enroll in group lessons, go to

Buy an Optimist for your Junior Sailor

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

The EYC’s fleet of International Optimists is one of the EYC’s most popular fleets for racing, and are among the EYC’s most useful boats for junior lessons.

For 2012, the EYC board of Directors has approved the purchase of three new Optimists.  The EYC’s Optimist fleet will be increased to twelve.

However, in 2011 there were some days on which the number of EYC juniors wishing to race an Optimist was even greater than twelve.

So, parents who wish to guarantee that their child always has an Optimist to race should purchase their own Optimist.

Optimists are relatively inexpensive; a new one purchased from Laser Performance Inc. is less than $2800 (see; from McLaughlin Boat Works, Optimists are similarly priced (see

Quality used Optimists are often priced under $1500 and can be found with a simple Google search, or on, eBay Motors,, or craigslist.  Or check out the Optimist classified ads at the US Optimist Class Association site:

Furthermore, because the Optimist is the most numerous one-design sailboat in the world, and because the EYC’s lesson program creates a steady stream of new junior sailors, your Optimist readily can be sold when your children move on to Lasers,  Flying Juniors, 420s and Flying Scots.  The EYC offers Optimist dry slips for rent to members.

In 2011, did your child or grandchild come away from an EYC Optimist boat draw frustrated and sad because he or she did not draw a boat?  There is only one way to guarantee that won’t happen again in 2012:  buy your own Optimist.

Wave Runner Auction / Photo Scanning Volunteer

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

The bid deadline for the EYC’s auction of a used Wave Runner and trailer is noon on May 1.  So far the only bid received is for the minimum amount, $150.  You could turn around and sell the trailer alone for more than that!  For more information and to learn how to bid, go to

The EYC has approximately 60 photos which need to be scanned with a color scanner so they can be uploaded to the EYC’s digital photo archive.  We could pay a scanning company to do it, but we are frugal.  If you have a color scanner and can volunteer to save the EYC some money by taking on this project, please contact

Optimist Racing in 2012

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

The EYC’s fleet of Optimist dinghies is one of its most popular racing fleets.  The Optimist can be raced by EYC juniors ages 7 through 15, although most EYC Optimist racers are ages 8-13.

In 2012, the EYC is expanding Optimist racing opportunity in several ways:

*  The EYC’s Optimist fleet will be increased to twelve, up 50% from our 2011 level of eight.  In 2012, we will add four used Optimists, one donated by Joel and Suzy Dykman, one purchased by the EYC’s Larry Lewis Memorial Fund, and two purchased using EYC general funds.

*  The EYC will double the number of weekly Optimist race dates.  In 2012, we will hold Optimist Races on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings.  This is in addition to the existing schedule of Saturday afternoons and Tuesday evenings.

*  The Optimist races will be divided into three separate series.  The June Optimist Series will be for all racers through age 15, and will include all races in June.  The Optimist Blue Fleet series (Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings, July 1 through August 9) will be limited to competitors who have not yet reached their 12th birthday as of July 1, 2012.  The Optimist Red Fleet series (Saturday afternoons and Tuesday evenings, July 3 through August 11) is limited to competitors who have reached their 12th birthday but have not yet reached their 16th birthday as of July 1, 2012.

By splitting the July-August series into two age groups, for any given Optimist competitor the EYC preserves the same number of weekly races dates (two) as in 2011, while more than doubling that competitor’s chances of drawing a boat on any given day.  In addition, the EYC believes that separating the competitors by age will lead to more skill level parity among racers on each race day, which will lead to more enthusiasm for racing among juniors.

The Optimist Regatta will be expanded to a two-day event in 2012 (Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, July 7-8) and will not segregate racers by age.

However, even with this massive expansion of Optimist racing opportunity, the EYC cannot guarantee that there will be enough EYC-owned Optimists for every EYC junior who wishes to race an Optimist on any given day.  Therefore, any parent who wishes to guarantee that their junior will always have an Optimist to race should purchase their own Optimist.  The EYC has dry slips available for private Optimists.

If you have any questions about Optimist racing at the EYC in 2012, contact the EYC’s Race and Regatta’s Chairman, Bjorn Hooper,

State of the EYC – April, 2012

Friday, April 20th, 2012

In an economic environment where many not-for-profits, charities, and private clubs are struggling to avoid membership declines, service cuts, debt, and financial losses, the EYC remains financially healthy and has a large, growing and loyal membership.

Every EYC member can be proud of the part that he or she plays in helping the EYC achieve its mission, but special thanks must go to our scores of unpaid member volunteers.  The EYC could not survive even a year without the countless hours of work donated by our volunteers — officers, directors, committee members, parents, juniors, and other volunteers — to make the EYC better for everyone.

At the EYC Board of Directors meeting on April 14, 2012, the EYC’s Treasurer, Deb Ritter, reported that the EYC is financially healthy.

In our 2011 fiscal year ended October 31, 2011, the EYC had $145,914 in revenues and $142,470 in expenses.  Our chief sources of revenue in 2011 were lessons ($68,372 net of sales commissions), membership dues ($56,420), slip rentals ($11,655), donations ($2,100), special events ($2766), and profits from merchandise sales to members ($3,136).  Our major expense categories were wages and payroll taxes ($77,127), non-personnel expenses including supplies, boat repair, purchases of boats and sails, and printing ($31,145), occupancy expenses such as utilities, clubhouse and dock maintenance ($10,814) and other miscellaneous expenses such as insurance, trophies, and organizational dues ($14,206).

At the end of our 2011 fiscal year, we had $63,940 in cash and securities, and current liabilities of less than $1,000. The Board of Directors believes that this amount of cash, which represents well over a year’s fixed expenses, is an adequate operating cash cushion.

The EYC carries no long-term debt.  Our fixed assets consist mostly of leasehold improvements to our clubhouse and pier, and equipment such as boats and sails.

As of April 11, 2012, with most of the 2012 membership dues collected and a good start on 2012 lesson registrations, we had $160,833 in cash and no current liabilities.  The EYC’s revenues from the start of the current fiscal year on November 1, 2011 through April 11, 2012 were $114,207, representing a 69% increase over the same period in the previous fiscal year.  During the same period the EYC’s expenses were only $6,842, a decrease of over 59% from the expenses incurred in the same period in the previous fiscal year.  The increase in revenue year-over-year was due to an increase in donations, an increase in lesson enrollment numbers of over 60%, a very high percentage of early member renewal, more members, and modest increases in membership dues rates and lesson tuition rates from 2011 levels.  The EYC’s revenues mostly come in prior to the start of the summer season, while most of the EYC’s expenses are incurred in June, July and August.

Our membership chairman, Nancy Claypool, reported that in the current membership year ending May 31, 2012, we have 465 paid members of all classes, including 83 Student members.  In our 2011 fiscal year we had 40 new Family, Senior and Single members, which may be an EYC record.

For the membership year beginning June 1, 2012, as of April 11, our paid membership was 226 Family members, 86 Senior members, 27 Single members, and 23 Life members, plus 4 Honorary members.  Those numbers include 22 new Family, Single and Senior members who have already joined for 2012!  In addition, for 2012 we already have 35 Student members.

Some 2011 members have not yet renewed for 2012, so we expect to add additional Family, Senior and Individual members as the summer season approaches.  We will add numerous Student members as lesson enrollment continues into the 2012 season.

Informal Membership Meeting

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

New in 2012: all EYC members (and parents of Student members) are invited to an informal meeting of the EYC’s members.  At the meeting, there will be a very short presentation about the state of the EYC, the EYC’s operations, and the services offered to EYC members.  The bulk of the meeting will be devoted to taking questions, suggestions and feedback from members to help improve the EYC in 2012.  In addition, the EYC is in need of various committee volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering at the EYC, you could attend this meeting to hear about the various needs and opportunities available.

The EYC’s Commodore, other executive officers, members of the Board of Directors and key committee chairpersons will be in attendance to take your feedback and answer your questions.

The meeting will be at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 16 and will last no more than one hour.  Immediately after the meeting, there will be a short ceremony in which former EYC Commodore Malcolm D. Vail, Sr. will be inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation.  The EYC’s first social event of the summer, the Fyr Bal Family Cookout, will begin immediately after the induction ceremony.

This meeting of the EYC’s members is informal; therefore, no official action of the EYC’s members will be taken at the meeting.

Members who are unable to attend the meeting but who have questions, suggestions or feedback can contact members of the EYC’s board, EYC officers, and EYC committee members by going to

EYC Summer Schedule

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

The EYC’s summer schedule has been finalized and is available here:

On the same page, there is a handy outline of EYC events and programming, as they occur throughout the week during the EYC’s high season.

The schedule is also printed in the EYC membership directory, which will be mailed to EYC members later this spring.  It also will be printed in the Spring Eagle’s Cry.

Highlights of the summer schedule include:

Fyr Bal Regatta and Fyr Bal Family Cookout – June 16

Opening Social – June 23

Family Regatta – June 30

Ice Cream Social – July 4

Optimist Regatta – July 7-8

Rich Hall Junior Regatta – July 15

First Mates Pot Luck – July 19

Men’s Night on the Dock  – July 20

Women’s Regatta – July 28

Bratfest – August 4

Ephraim Regatta and Flying Scot Midwest District Championship – August 3-4-5

Annual Membership Meeting – August 11

Commodore’s Party – August 11

Help Open the EYC Saturday May 26

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Please mark your calendars now — All EYC members are requested and encouraged to help open the EYC at 9:00 AM on Saturday, May 26.

There will be plenty of projects — including opening and cleaning the clubhouse, rigging boats and other gear, and setting up the pier — for members of all ages, abilities and strengths.  Work is expected to last until around lunchtime, when everyone can catch up with friends after a long off-season.

The EYC will provide burgers and brats for those who work.  BYO chips and beverages.

A few of us will be there before 9:00 AM, so feel free to show up earlier if you wish.

No need to RSVP, just bring yourself in work mode!  Let’s see if we can break the previous record for number of helpers!

The EYC Rents Lockers

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

If you or your child spend a lot of time at the EYC, you can rent a locker to keep your possessions dry and safe.

The EYC rents two sizes of lockers.  The smaller lockers ($25/season) are sized to store lunch and a few personal possessions that you would not want to take out on a boat and get wet, like purses, wallets and mobile phones.  The larger lockers ($37/season) are big enough also to hang up a couple of PFDs, and store your backpack, laptop computer, foul weather gear, or a few other clothing items.  You supply your own combination lock.

A few lockers are still available.  Act soon before they are all gone!  To reserve a locker, contact Marsella Fults, EYC Rear Commodore, Slip and Locker Czar

The Ephraim Yacht Club is a family oriented non-profit organization focused on forwarding sailing education and racing to students of all ages located in the town of Ephraim, in Door County, Wisconsin on beautiful Eagle Harbor.