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This Week at the EYC June 30 – July 8

Friday, June 29th, 2012

The summer kicks into high gear this week with the Fourth of July holiday.  In addition to the usual immensely fun everyday doings at the EYC, such as racing, lessons, picnics, swimming, ping-pong, bridge, bunco, and just hanging out with friends, here’s what’s happening:

The EYC’s FAMILY REGATTA takes place on the morning of Saturday, June 30.  EYC-owned Flying Scots are still available for qualified members to race in this regatta – just show up before 9:00 AM to take part in the drawing for the remaining boats.  For more information about the Family Regatta, go to

The EYC’s LESSON SESSION C begins on Monday, July 2.  There is still room for additional students in this popular session, which lasts through July 13.  Lessons are available for children who have completed at least first grade, for teens, and for adults.  For more information on EYC lessons, and to enroll, go to  The ENROLLMENT DEADLINE is noon on Sunday July 1.

Owners of EYC boats of all sizes and types are invited to RAFT UP IN EGG HARBOR beginning at 5:00 PM on Tuesday, July 3.  Watch the Independence Day fireworks, which will begin at approximately 10:00pm.  Bring your own bumpers, food and beverage.  Boat grills will be available.  For those who wish to stay the night, the Egg Harbor Parade begins at 1:30 PM on July 4.  Questions?  Contact John Peterson 414-581-0792 or Deanna Peterson 920-421-1385.

The EYC’s famous ICE CREAM SOCIAL begins at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, July 4.  The EYC provides ice cream, bowls, spoons and napkins; bring an ice cream topping to share.

The FOUNDERS’ DAY PICNIC, celebrating the birth of the EYC, is scheduled for 6:30 PM on Friday, July 6.  For more information on this event, contact chairperson Joani Lewis (920) 854-4656.

The OPTIMIST REGATTA will take place on the afternoon of Saturday, July 7 and the morning of Sunday, July 8.  The drawing for EYC members to use EYC-owned Optimists will take place at 1:00 PM on Saturday July 7, and the first race is scheduled to begin at 2:00 PM.  Racing resumes at 10:00 AM on Sunday.  EYC Optimist racers through age 15 are invited to compete in this regatta.  For the definitive schedule and rules, see the Notice of Race at

MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR LARRY LEWIS will take place on the EYC pier at 5:00 PM on Saturday, July 7.  All EYC members are invited.

EYC members Scott and Duska Pearson will open their home for a FUNDRAISING GALA for the EYC’s new fleet of twelve 420-class doublehanded dinghies, at 7:00 PM on Saturday, July 7.  All EYC members are welcome to attend the event, which will feature music, beer, wine, cocktails and heavy hors d’oeuvres.  If you have not received a mailed invitation but would like to attend, simply RSVP to not later than 5 July.  There is no specific donation amount required to attend the gala.

Optimist racers and parents are reminded that beginning July 1, the EYC’s Optimist series races are split in half by age.  Optimist racers under age 12 can race on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings.  Optimist racers ages 12 through 15 can race on Saturday afternoons and Tuesday evenings.  On Saturday July 7 and Sunday July 8, the Optimist Regatta takes the place of regular Optimist series races, and racers up through age 15 can compete in the Optimist Regatta.  For details on racing at the EYC, including the schedule of races, see the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions at  For a schedule of regular activities taking place at the EYC each week, including race days and times, go to

Lesson Enrollment Deadline / Meet the EYC Staff

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

The EYC’s next two-week sailing lesson session begins Monday, July 2.  There are still a few enrollment slots available at all levels, from Sailing Camp (for those who have finished first grade) through Advanced Racing, and for adults.  Noon on Sunday July 1 is the deadline to enroll in lessons for this Session C.  For more information about sailing lessons at the EYC, and to enroll, go to

As the EYC grows its membership and lesson enrollment, the quality of the EYC staff becomes more and more important.  The EYC is fortunate in 2012 to have an experienced, talented, well-trained and dedicated staff.

Introducing the 2012 EYC staff:

ALEX ZALAR is the EYC’s Director, in charge of all aspects of the EYC’s daily operations, and he supervises and manages the staff.  Alex, a career educator from Toledo, OH, holds a B.S. in Math Education from Miami University (Ohio).  Alex taught high school math last year at Toledo Christian Schools, and is also working on a Master’s degree.  He is joining the faculty at Loyola Academy in Chicago this fall. This is Alex’s fifth summer at the EYC and his third summer as a Director.  Alex is Level I and Level II certified as an instructor by US Sailing.  Alex loves inspiring EYC juniors to sail for the rest of their lives.  Alex was on the Miami U. sailing team, has raced in the Intercollegiate Sloop Championships and the NOOD, and looks forward to his second Hundred-Miler race later this summer.

OLIVIA DEMARINIS, a part-time Senior Instructor, will be a junior this fall at UW-Madison.  Olivia was born and raised in Door County and lives in Ephraim.  This is her fifth year working at the EYC.  She is a graduate of the EYC’s lesson program and is both Level I and Level II certified as an instructor by US Sailing.  Olivia’s favorite aspect of working at the EYC is that it is such a welcoming community and at the same time a close-knit family.

WOODY HEIDLER, a Senior Instructor, is in his fifth summer working at the EYC.  Woody will be a junior this fall at Iowa State.  Woody, from Hinsdale, Illinois, grew up in the EYC’s sailing program and received his EYC Skipper’s License in 2003.  Woody is Level I and Level II certified as an instructor by US Sailing.  Woody likes to go sailing with his dog on his family’s Hobie Cat.   His favorite thing about being an EYC instructor is being able to bring the joy of sailing to so many students.

ISAK PETERSON, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a Senior Instructor.  This is his fourth summer working at the EYC.  Isak has his Level I and Level II instructor certification from US Sailing.  He will be a junior at the University of Kentucky this fall.  Isak learned to sail in the EYC’s Optimists and enjoys sailing on his family’s Beneteau First 38 and racing in the EYC’s series races and annual regatta.  When he and his brother Stefan were younger, they would ride under the bow of their parents’ Flying Scot during races.

This is Senior Instructor MATT SMITH’s sixth year working at the EYC.  “Smitty” will be a senior this fall at Loyola University (Chicago).  He is from Kansas City, Missouri and grew up sailing in the EYC’s lesson program.  Matt is certified by US Sailing as both a Level I and Level II instructor.  He enjoys the solidarity among EYC members and the friendships which are formed, and likes to learn more about sailing and teaching every day.

MAURA ZINGSHEIM will work part of the summer (Sessions C, D and E) as a Senior Instructor.  This is Maura’s fourth year working at the EYC and her second as a Senior Instructor.  She earned both a Level I and Level II Instructor certification from US Sailing.  Maura is from Sheboygan, Wisconsin and will be a sophomore this fall at Southern Methodist University.  She is a graduate of the EYC’s lesson program.  She likes to work with EYC juniors, who are excited to learn and have a good time.

ALDEN CROWE is a Senior Instructor from Summerland, California.  He will be a freshman in the business school at the University of Santa Clara this fall.  This is Alden’s third year teaching at the EYC.  He is certified by US Sailing as both a Level I and Level II instructor.  Alden began sailing on his family’s Hobie Cat and took lessons at the EYC before becoming an instructor.  He likes the EYC’s cheerful atmosphere and enjoys finding creative ways to teach.

Junior Instructor ERICA HEIDLER will be a senior at Hinsdale Central High School.  She lives in Hinsdale, Illinois.  This is her second year working at the EYC.  She is a US Sailing Level I certified instructor.  Erica is a longtime sailor on her family’s various sailboats, including a Flying Scot and a Hobie Cat.  She likes working at the EYC because of the level of responsibility the EYC gives her.

This is Junior Instructor CHARLOTTE JOHNSON’s second year working at the EYC.  Charlotte is from Santa Monica, California.  Charlotte will be a freshman this fall at University of Colorado at Boulder.  She is US Sailing Level I certified.  She likes teaching family members how to sail and meeting new people at the EYC.

PETER MOEGENBURG is a Senior Instructor from Elm Grove, Wisconsin.  This is his fourth summer working at the EYC.  Peter will be a sophomore at Cornell University in the fall.  He is both Level I and Level II certified by US Sailing.  Peter grew up sailing at the EYC and likes teaching on Eagle Harbor, racing, and sailing his JY-15.

This is Senior Instructor CAMILLE MORLEY’s first year at the EYC but not her first year teaching. In fact, she ran the sailing lesson program last summer at Fox Valley Sailing School. She is US Sailing Level I and Level II certified. She comes from a sailing family which has had many adventures with the Petersons. She loves to race and cruise.  She will be a sophomore at St. Olaf this fall, majoring in economics and political science.

SARAH OLSON is a new junior instructor from Johns Creek, Georgia and a summer resident of Door County.  In the fall of 2012, she will be a freshman at the University of West Georgia, where she will simultaneously complete her senior year of high school.  Sarah is a graduate of the EYC’s lesson program and is Level I certified by US Sailing.

J.R. O’ROURKE is a Junior Instructor from Park Ridge, Illinois, where he will be a senior at Maine South high school.  This is his second year working at the EYC.  J.R. began sailing when he was four years old on Lake Delavan, Wisconsin.  He is a US Sailing Level I certified instructor.  J.R. likes how everyone at the EYC acts like family to each other.

TEDDY PAPENTHIEN is a new Junior Instructor from Valencia, California. He will be a junior in high school this fall. He came up through the EYC sailing program and was the winner of the 2010 Sportsmanship Award.  He is a US Sailing Level I certified instructor. Teddy loves to race, as well as helping students learn to enjoy sailing as much as he does. In his spare time, he likes to play golf and go out in the family’s kayak.

Junior Instructor STEFAN PETERSON, a native of Milwaukee, will be a junior at Nicolet High School.  This is his second year working at the EYC.  He enjoys helping students and other members and sailing on his family’s sailboat, a Beneteau First 38 named “Charette”.  Stefan has been racing sailboats since he was 8 years old.  In 2012, Stefan will do double duty as a part-time Race Manager, running most of the EYC’s Flying Scot, Laser, Flying Junior and Optimist series races.

BRIAN RITTER, a Junior Instructor, will be a senior at Glenbard West High School this fall.  He is from Glen Ellyn, Illinois.  This is Brian’s second year as an EYC instructor.  Brian is a certified US Sailing Level I instructor and likes that he has so many opportunities to race at the EYC.

ERIC RICHTER is a new Junior Instructor from Niles, Illinois. He learned to sail at the EYC and received his skippers license in August 2011. He is very active in Boy Scouts and has sailed 420’s at Colombia Yacht Club in Chicago. He is US Sailing Level I certified. He will be a junior in high school this fall. Eric does a lot of volunteer work and looks forward to sharing his love of sailing with younger sailors.

RYAN QUALKINBUSH is the EYC’s first full-time equipment manager. He is a resident of Sister Bay and learned to sail at the EYC. The last few summers, he has been employed by Leroy’s in addition to freelance boat repair work. He is very adept at boat repair and rigging, and we are happy to have him on staff.

ROB COMSTOCK is a resident of Baileys Harbor and owns Erinnwood Studios with his wife, Jan. He has been a lifelong sailor and loves to pass on his love of the sport. He now has grandchildren who are sailing age, and one will be a student in our program this summer. Rob is volunteering to teach adult classes when he is not woodworking, running the shop, or teaching classes at the Clearing. He is US Sailing Level I certified.

Family Regatta June 30

Monday, June 25th, 2012

The EYC’s annual Family Regatta is June 30 in Flying Scots.  The skippers meeting will be at 9:30 AM and the warning signal for the first race is scheduled for 10:00 AM.  To see the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions, go to

The Family Regatta takes place as part of the regular Saturday morning Flying Scot series.  If you have a parent/child, grandparent/grandchild, or siblings on board, you are eligible for separate Family Regatta trophies.  However, even if you do not have any of those combinations on board, you can still race in the June 30 Saturday morning Flying Scot races.

The EYC anticipates a lot of demand for use of EYC-owned Flying Scots in the Family Regatta, so the boat drawing will be held in advance via e-mail.  If you wish to enter the boat drawing, you must send an e-mail to not later than 5 PM on Thursday, June 28, stating your name, phone number and that you wish to enter the Family Regatta boat draw.

To enter the draw, you must be a current EYC member and the holder of an EYC Skipper’s License.  To determine if you are on the list of EYC Skipper’s License holders, go to  The list is still being compiled, so your name might not appear even if you are eligible for, or have already been awarded, a Skipper’s License.  If you think your name should be on the list but it is not, e-mail  For details of how to obtain an EYC Skipper’s License, see the EYC’s Water Safety Policy at

Boat draw winners will be notified by e-mail on Friday, June 29.  By entering the boat draw, you commit to compete in the entire Family Regatta as skipper of the boat you drew, unless you choose not to race for safety reasons.

This Week at the EYC June 25-July 1 / Jack McCoy

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

The EYC regrets to announce the passing of longtime EYC member and former Commodore John J. “Jack” McCoy of Egg Harbor.  An obituary is here:

We think Jack would be pleased with everything going on at the EYC this week.  In addition to the usual activities of lessons, racing, bridge, bunco, swimming, visiting with friends and family, and just plain going sailing, here’s what’s happening:

The EYC’s FAMILY REGATTA is the morning of Saturday, June 30.  For more information on the Family Regatta, and for details on how members can enter the drawing to use an EYC-owned boat in the Family Regatta, watch for a later email from the EYC.

The YOUTH ACTIVITY for Wednesday, June 27 will be bowling, pizza and soft drinks at the Sister Bay Bowl.  Meet at the Bowl at 6:00 PM.  Youth activities are for EYC members and guests who have at least finished first grade.  Bring $10 to cover bowling and pizza.  Pick up at the Bowl at 7:30 PM.  Questions?  Contact Betsy Steele (920) 854-7191.

The TEEN ACTIVITY for Thursday, June 28 will be a barbeque and movie under the stars at Ephraim’s Skyway drive-in theater.  Meet at the EYC at 7:00 PM.  Pick up in Nelson’s Hardware parking lot after first film at approximately 10:30 PM.  Cost $10 plus money for snacks.  Questions?  Contact Teen Activities chair Heather Andersen

The DEADLINE TO ENROLL IN SESSION C SAILING LESSONS is noon on Sunday, July 1.  Session C lessons begin Monday, July 2.  The EYC teaches group and private sailing lessons for juniors, teens and adults.  For more information about sailing lessons at the EYC, and to enroll, go to




Opening Social Saturday June 23

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

The EYC’s Opening Social is Saturday, June 23, beginning at 6:00 PM.

If you are a new EYC member, we encourage you to attend and mingle.  The single best thing about the EYC is its people, and we want to get to know you!

If you are a longtime EYC member, please make a special effort to introduce yourself to new members and make them feel welcome.

The EYC will supply wine and soft drinks.  Please bring an hors d’oeuvre in sufficent quantity not just to feed your own family, but also to share.  Dress is summer casual.  The EYC will provide valet parking for those few members who are not able to walk from the Spruce Street or Anderson Dock parking lots.  Please, no dogs at this event.

Let’s always maintain the welcoming, inclusive atmosphere which makes the EYC such a special place.  New EYC members for 2012 are:

Mr. Stuart M. Bailey & Ms. Elizabeth A. Binder, San Jose, CA

Ms. Susan P. Bowers, Sycamore, IL

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Brodd, Sister Bay, WI

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Davitt, Evanston, IL

Mr. & Mrs. Tyler S. Ellison, Dallas, TX

Mr. David R. Ellmann, Fish Creek, WI

Mr. and Mrs. William Enright, Bailey’s Harbor, WI

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Hansen, Winnetka, IL

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Hughes, Elmhurst, IL

Mr. & Mrs. Scott R. Isaacson, Baileys Harbor, WI

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Klimpel, Elm Grove, WI

Mr. Martin E. Jacobsen & Ms. Karen T. Reynolds, Hastings on Hudson, NY

Dr. & Mrs. James A. Johnson, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Mr. Rex R. Kahr, Chicago, IL

Mr. & Mrs. Brett M. Lecy, Fish Creek, WI

Mr. & Mrs.Jon J. Leicht, Kenosha, WI

Ms. Julia K. Lorenz, Dayton, OH

Mr. & Mrs. Terrence J. McIntyre, Boulder, CO

Ms. Florence D. McMillan, Chicago, IL

Mr. & Mrs. Frank S. Mitvalsky, Cedar Rapids, IA

Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Moore, Naperville, IL

Mr. John M. Murphy & Ms. Mary M. Hirthe, Milwaukee, WI

Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Parks, Kenilworth, IL

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Porter, Sister Bay, WI

Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Reinfeldt, Franklin, TN

Mr & Mrs. Andrew J. Reynolds, Oak Park IL

Dr. & Mrs. Stanley J. Russell, Sr., Tucson, AZ

Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert F. Urfer, Wauwatosa, WI

Mr. & Mrs. Brian A. Wolf, Chicago, IL

Mr. & Mrs. Devin E. Wolf, Delafield, WI

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff E. Wyatt, Denver, CO

Mr. Alexander M. Zalar, Oregon, OH

The EYC is a Large Yacht Club

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

The EYC’s members often think of it as a small yacht club, which is correct if you measure the square footage of the EYC’s clubhouse.

However, by the most important measures, the EYC ranks among the largest yacht clubs in the United States.


In 2011, the EYC had 476 paid members (Family, Senior, Single and Student).

US SAILING surveys classify yacht clubs as small (less than 120 members), medium (121-300 members) and large (300+ members). The “large” clubs constitute 1/3 of all yacht clubs.  The EYC is among the larger clubs in the “large” category.

Counting spouses and children, the EYC’s 2011 membership approached 1000 persons.


In 2011, the EYC taught 252 student sessions, to over 200 unique students.  Nationally, yacht clubs average 87 students in their lesson programs.


In 2012, the EYC has seventeen instructor staff plus a Director.  All eighteen of them are US SAILING level 1 certified, and more than half are US Sailing Level 2 certified.  Nationally, clubs average 6.3 instructors, 4.4 of whom are Level 1 certified.


The EYC schedules eight race dates weekly averaging 3.75 races per date, for a total of 30 races scheduled each WEEK.  Nationally, yacht clubs schedule an average of 1.5 race dates per week and run 18 races per YEAR.


The EYC does it all while keeping dues far below the national average.  EYC annual family membership dues are $175.  Nationwide, the average annual yacht club dues are $661, while the average among the EYC’s peer seasonal clubs is $581 and the average among the EYC’s peer large clubs is $1208.

Data:  US SAILING national yacht club surveys, 2007 and 2010.

Pledge Drive for New 420 Dinghies / July 7 Fundraising Gala

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

**SAVE THE DATE**  Gala fundraising event evening of Saturday July 7.  See details below.

The EYC’s fleet of eight double-handed Flying Juniors was a great investment for the EYC, and the boats have seen a lot of use.  Our growing lesson and racing program needs more double-handed boats, and the FJs, built in 1996, are showing their years.  Prior to the 2013 season, the EYC will replace its eight FJs with twelve 420-class dinghies.

The EYC has been fortunate to locate a fleet of 420s built in 2005, at a favorable price.  The EYC has agreed to purchase at least twelve boats, to be delivered to the EYC in May 2013.

The EYC will fund some of the purchase price from its reserves and from the sale of the Flying Juniors.  Donations are needed to pay the balance of the purchase price.  We need to raise approximately $30,000 to pay for twelve 420s, plus shipping, new dollies, and new sails.

Scott and Duska Pearson have generously offered to lead the EYC’s fundraising effort.  Scott and Duska will host a gala fundraising event on the evening of Saturday, July 7.  If you wish to be invited, please contact Duska (630) 975-4942 or

When you are asked to pledge, please be generous.  The EYC holds down its dues in the knowledge that major capital purchases like this one can be funded by the generosity of our members…and your donation is tax-deductible.  A donor will have the right to name a 420 for each $2500 which he or she donates.  Each donor will be gratefully acknowledged by the EYC, if they choose.

PLEASE HELP TAKE THE EYC’S FLEET TO THE NEXT LEVEL.  PLEDGE NOW by contacting Scott Pearson (312) 342-3937 or


The EYC has an option to purchase six more 420s in addition to the twelve it already agreed to purchase.  If six EYC members commit to purchase a 420 for themselves, the EYC will exercise its option to purchase those six boats, and will resell the boats to those members at the EYC’s cost.  The purchase price of $3000 includes the boat, shipping and a set of used sails.  New sails, dollies and trailers can be purchased separately by members.  The EYC will offer dry slip spaces for private 420s on dollies.

To purchase a private 420, contact Scott Pearson (312) 342-3937 or


The 420 is approximately the same weight and length as the Flying Junior, and has a similar sail area.  Like the FJ, it can be used by sailors age 12 or higher.  The 420 is an exciting boat to sail because its wider beam and flat rocker means it planes more readily, giving a thrilling ride to our junior sailors.  The EYC’s boats will be the “Club/Collegiate” model, which are built slightly more heavily for program use, and are not equipped with spinnakers and trapezes.

Like the FJ, the 420 class is widely used in high school and college programs, meaning EYC juniors will be well-prepared for future competition.

This Week at the EYC June 16-24

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

The EYC’s summer season kicks in to full gear this week.  In addition to the EYC’s ongoing activities of racing, swimming, bridge, ping-pong, four-square and hanging out on the pier, here’s what’s happening at the EYC.

The EYC has a full schedule of FYR BAL EVENTS on Saturday June 16.  The Fyr Bal Regatta begins at 10:00 AM, the informal membership meeting is at 5:00 PM, the Malcolm D. Vail Sr. Hall of Fame induction ceremony is at 6:00 PM, and the Fyr Bal Family Cookout (EYC will provide brats and chicken; bring a side or dessert to share and BYO beverages) begins around 6:15 PM, followed by bonfire and fireworks viewing.

LESSON SESSION B BEGINS Monday, June 18.  Both morning and afternoon lessons are offered during this two-week session.  The enrollment deadline is noon on Sunday, June 17.  For more information about EYC lessons, and to enroll, go to

The EYC’s RACE SERIES get going this week.  Flying Scots race Saturday morning and Monday evening, Optimists race Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning, and Tuesday and Thursday evening, and Lasers and Flying Juniors race Sunday afternoon and Friday evening.  For specific times see the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions at  Remember, you must have your EYC skipper’s license to skipper an EYC-owned Scot, but you don’t need one to skipper an Optimist, FJ or Laser in a race, so come on down and race!

The initial FIRST MATES COFFEE is Monday June 18 at 9:30 AM.  First Mates, be there to catch up, and to discuss the summer’s events!  For more information contact the First First Mate, Carole Kraemer

BUNCO starts Monday June 18 at 7:00 PM.  Some of us are not sure what Bunco is, but everyone participating always seems to be having lots of fun.

JUNIOR ACTIVITIES begin the evening of Wednesday, June 20.  Watch for the poster at the EYC announcing specifics.

TEEN ACTIVITIES begin Thursday, June 21 with pizza and bowling at the Sister Bay Bowl.  Meet at the Sister Bay Bowl at 5:00 PM; pick up at the Bowl at 7:00 PM.  Bring $15 per teen.

The EYC’s OPENING SOCIAL is Saturday, June 23 at 6:00 PM at the EYC.  The EYC will supply wine and soft drinks.  Bring an hors d’oeuvre to share.  Dress is summer casual.  The EYC will provide valet parking for those few members who are not able to walk from the Spruce Street parking lot.  Please be there to greet your old friends and to welcome the EYC’s new members!

Afternoon Lessons are Cheaper / First Mates Coffee Monday June 18

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

The EYC offers many of its junior group sailing lessons in both the morning and the afternoon.  The content and format of the lessons is identical, but afternoon lessons are usually more lightly enrolled.

To help balance enrollment, the EYC offers a price discount on afternoon lesson tuition of approximately 10%.  For example, a morning Level 1 lesson costs $325 for a two-week session, but the identical afternoon lesson costs only $300.

To learn more about EYC sailing lessons, and to enroll, go to  If your junior student is already enrolled in morning lessons and you want to switch to afternoon lessons, save some money, and perhaps get a lower student / instructor ratio, contact the EYC’s Education chairman Jay Lott

The discount applies only to afternoon lesson levels which are offered both in the morning and the afternoon in the same session.  The discount does not apply to adult lessons or teen-only lessons, which are not offered in the morning.


First First Mate Carole Kraemer reminds all First Mates to get the season off to a great start by attending the first First Mates Coffee on Monday, June 18 at 9:30 AM at the EYC.  This is a great opportunity to see your First Mates friends and hear about plans for this summer’s activities.  If you are a female EYC member, then you are a First Mate.  Questions?  Contact Carole at (920) 868-2409.


Swimming at the EYC

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Swimming from the EYC pier in the cool, clean waters of Eagle Harbor is one of the many benefits of EYC membership.  EYC members are reminded to be safe when swimming.

The EYC does not provide a lifeguard.  The EYC staff are sailing instructors, not lifeguards.  Sometimes no staff will be on duty.  Even if staff are on duty while swimming takes place, it is not part of staff duties to supervise or monitor swimming EYC members — including EYC juniors — except in those rare instances when swimming takes place during sailing lessons.  Parents should supervise their children at all times when their children are swimming at the EYC.

Parents should ensure their children do not engage in reckless or dangerous behavior, such as pushing or throwing others off the pier or the training raft, or other rough play.

Swimming is not allowed in the harbor between the EYC pier and the Ephraim Yacht Harbor pier.

Swimming is not allowed from the south and west faces of the EYC pier.  Swimming is allowed only from the north face of the pier, west of the riprap.

Diving is prohibited.  The water is too shallow and diving is too dangerous.  Also, do not jump off the pier near the ladders and hanging walkways.

In summary, while the EYC allows swimming, swimming is at your own risk, no lifeguard is on duty, swimmers must act responsibly, parents are responsible for the safety of their children while swimming, and parents should supervise their children when swimming.

The Ephraim Yacht Club is a family oriented non-profit organization focused on forwarding sailing education and racing to students of all ages located in the town of Ephraim, in Door County, Wisconsin on beautiful Eagle Harbor.