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EYC History

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

The EYC is fortunate to have as members skilled and dedicated historians Linda and George Carey, who have published a history of the EYC entitled “The Ephraim Yacht Club 1906-2006: Celebrating 100 Years”

Every EYC member should have a copy on his or her bookshelf.  You can learn about the heritage of the EYC, and you might find some stories and pictures of your family and friends!

The book also makes a great gift for EYC members and juniors.

The EYC has copies of the book available for purchase at $10 each plus $4 shipping.  To order, email  The book is also available at many local book stores in Door County.

EYC Members, here is your sign

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Do you have woodworking skills which would enable you to make a sign similar to the one in this picture?

If yes, you could help the EYC!  We need a volunteer to make another sign before the 2013 season!  Please contact


Don’f forget the bargains in the EYC’s classified ads.  There are some new items:

Looking for an Optimist Sailboat? Here is a good used one.

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

The best way to show your child that you support his or her sailing aspirations is to purchase the child a sailboat.  Junior sailors with their own boats sail more, can sail outside of lessons and racing, learn to take care of their own equipment, and know that if they are not winning, the quality of their boat is not the reason.

Parents of younger EYC juniors who are Optimist sailors should consider buying this used Optimist, which is for sale in Egg Harbor for only $800 and appears to be in excellent condition and compatible with Optimist class rules.  With new Optimists going for $3500 plus shipping, we have not seen a used Optimist bargain like this anywhere in Wisconsin in the past 18 months.

See this link:

The EYC Needs a New Trophy

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

The EYC already awards a lot of trophies at the annual Ephraim Regatta.  We give trophies to the top five finishers, the winner of the first race (Vail Cup), winner of the last race (Charlie Sauter Trophy), top skipper age 18 or under (Sturgis Trophy), and the top husband-wife team (Peder Knudson trophy).  And that doesn’t even count the longest-distanced-traveled prize, or all the extra trophies we award when the EYC hosts the Flying Scot Midwest District Championships!

But at the EYC, sailing is a family sport and we don’t have an Ephraim Regatta trophy which recognizes sailing families.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could give an award for the top boat at the Ephraim Regatta sailed by family members?  If you are interested in joining the Vail, Sauter, Sturgis, and Knudson families by donating a named trophy, please contact

Donate to the EYC

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Now that the summer season is over, do you have surplus items which you could donate to the EYC?  The EYC would be grateful for your donation of boats or equipment (or cash, or appreciated securities).

The EYC relies on donations from members and friends to help keep dues low and to keep EYC membership accessible.  Because of its educational and amateur athletic mission, the EYC is qualified as a charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and therefore your donation is tax-deductible.

Among the items which the EYC would particularly like to receive are:

*  A used compact pickup truck (Chevy S-10 or Ford Ranger or similar) or similar sized SUV with an automatic transmission.  We need a dedicated EYC vehicle for towing and launching boats, and to run errands…for too long we have been depending on EYC volunteers to provide free use of their vehicles for these tasks.

* Flying Scot, Optimist, Laser and 420 sailboats, and sails and equipment for them.

* Powerboats from 13 to 20 feet.

* 4-stroke outboard motors.

* Shore Stations and similar boat lifts.

The EYC will also gladly accept other boats and marine items in good condition which can be used in the EYC’s programs or sold to raise funds for the EYC.  To donate, contact

And, remember the EYC in your will!

The EYC Needs Your Photos

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

If you have good photos of EYC people or events from 2012, please submit your photos to the EYC.  The EYC will post the photos in its public online photo archive at  Your photos may also be used in the Eagle’s Cry.

Do you think that would take too much time?  How about submitting just your three FAVORITE 2012 EYC photos?  We especially like good sailing action photos, and photos of EYC members and juniors having fun at various EYC events and activities.  We also like older photos scanned into digital format!

You can submit your photos by e-mail to  If you have too many photos to e-mail, contact to learn alternative methods to submit your photos.

Alternatively, you can share your photos on the EYC’s Facebook page at

Please share your photos!  We want to build an EYC photo archive which future generations can look back on with a smile.

EYC Thank-Yous

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

The EYC gets a lot of help and donations from a lot of people, members and non-members alike:

Thanks to EYC member Nancy Claypool, who donated a new WiFi-enabled printer for the EYC.

Thanks to EYC member Bob Klein, who refurbished one of the EYC’s Flying Scot centerboards over the winter.

Thanks to EYC member Ryan Malmgren of Mad Sails, who repaired one of the EYC’s large burgees so it can be flown from the EYC’s flag pole.

Thanks to Mark Warecki of Pro Tree Service, and EYC member Mike Maltby of Action Electric, each of whom loaned lift trucks to repair broken sheaves at the top of the EYC’s flagpole, enabling us to fly Old Glory (and Wisconsin’s flag, and the EYC burgee too!) once again.  Thanks also to Mike for upgrading the EYC’s electrical circuit on our pier to upgrade to safer outlets, and for installing some new, much-needed outlets in the EYC’s office.

Thanks to the Richter, Latreille and O’Rourke families for cooking a fine dinner for EYC members at the Fyr Bal Family cookout.

Thanks to EYC member Alison Tatlow, and to Linda Franczyk, for organizing the EYC’s Opening Social, and thanks to Jeff and Betsy Steele for donating the wine served.  Thanks to George Kraemer for serving as Master of Ceremonies and for coming up with the idea of a memorial wreath laying for departed members, a custom which the EYC hopes to continue in future years at the Opening Social.

Thanks to Suzy Boerke, who bid $575 to win the auction at the Opening Social to name the EYC’s newest Laser “Capt’n Jack’s”.  Also thanks to Suzy and her husband Dave for donating a new plaque for the EYC’s flagpole.  The flagpole, originally donated by the late Jack McCoy in honor of his wife Ruth, will now memorialize both Ruth and Jack, Suzy’s parents.

Thanks to EYC Vice Commodore Jack O’Rourke for conducting the Opening Social auction, and to George Kraemer for serving as master of ceremonies.

Thanks to Rich Bierman and his family, and to Ben Shallip for refurbishing the EYC’s “Hoagie” 13′ Boston Whaler, which has now rejoined the EYC’s teaching / safety powerboat fleet.  It looks like new!

Thanks to Jessica Sauter, who chaired the Ice Cream Social, and to, which is owned by Steve and Jessica Sauter, for donating the ice cream.

Thanks to Joani Lewis for chairing the Founder’s Day picnic, which was paired with a busy evening of Laser and FJ racing and was a big success.

Thanks to Deb Ritter and Jack O’Rourke, who took four summer days away from Door County to serve as drivers and chaperones for the EYC’s Sears Cup regional regatta team at Lake Minnetonka.

Thanks to Jesse Decker Brunsvold and the Sturgeon Bay Sail Training Foundation.  When the EYC needed a Flying Junior rudder to make our eighth Flying Junior operable for the Rich Hall Junior Regatta, Jesse not only lent us one from the SBSTF, but delivered it to the EYC herself from Sturgeon Bay!

Thanks to Bill and Heather Andersen for donating the beverages served at the 420 Fundraising Gala party.

Thanks to the Ephraim Historical Society, which has allowed the EYC to use the Olga Dana Green (the park across the street from the EYC) for three EYC events this summer: Yoga, Youth Activity lawn games, and the Regatta Welcome Party on Friday, August 3.

Thanks to Anne and Larry Crowe, who again this year provided the use of their beach to store the EYC’s Flying Juniors during the Ephraim Regatta, enabling the EYC to increase the space on its pier available to store visiting Flying Scots.

Thanks to Donna and Kirk Scattergood, who donated two used printers for the EYC to sell to raise funds.

Thanks to Lal Burridge, who donated some child-size PFDs for the EYC to add to its inventory of loaner PFDs.

Thanks to Bill Claypool, who donated several used Flying Scot sails, some of which will be used for lessons and some of which are for sale.

Thanks to EYC member Paul Jones, who is resetting the paver stones at the north upper entranceway to bring them up to grade to make the entrance safer.

And thanks to everyone who showed up on Saturday, September 1, to help close the EYC after the 2012 season.  We we so organized (thanks to clubhouse chair Rich Bierman) and so many people showed up to help that we finished all the club closing projects in only two hours and we were eating our picnic lunch at 11:00 AM!  In no particular order:

Jim Nelson

Dick Bierman

Rich Bierman

John Welch

Holly Welch

Graham Welch

Jack O’Rourke

Abby O’Rourke

Laura O’Rourke

J.R. O’Rourke

Fred Lewis

Liz Gheorghita

Margaret Gheorghita

Edward Gheorghita

John Peterson

Deanna Peterson

Stefan Peterson

Joel Dykman

Matt Smith

Rex Kahr

Tom Mulligan

Elaine Mulligan

Eric Richter

Bob Richter

Sidney Richter

Steven Richter

Stephanie Richter

Ethan Heick

Anne Crowe

Larry Crowe

Matt Andersen

Topher Andersen

Donna Scattergood

Kirk Scattergood

Kim Miller

Suzanne Lisle

Kate Neavolls

Tom Murray

Steve Latreille

Sara Latreille

Claudia Latreille

Olivia Latreille

Duska Pearson

Gretchen Pearson

Ingrid Pearson

Christine Bridenhagen

Jay Lott

We try to thank everyone, but so many people do so much for the EYC, that sometimes things fall through the cracks.  If you know of someone who has done something for the EYC lately, who has not been publicly thanked, please email  We’ll thank EYC committee chairs and committee members, and cash donors to the EYC, separately in the Fall Eagle’s Cry.

The Ephraim Yacht Club is a family oriented non-profit organization focused on forwarding sailing education and racing to students of all ages located in the town of Ephraim, in Door County, Wisconsin on beautiful Eagle Harbor.