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EYC Thank-Yous / Correction

Friday, November 30th, 2012

The EYC gets lots of help from members and friends, who donate their time, their money, their surplus items, and their good ideas.  Here are some people who have helped the EYC lately:

Thank you to Alison and Phil Tatlow, who donated three children’s PFDs, which have been added to the EYC’s collection of loaner PFDs.

Thank you to Steve Sauter of (etailer, Inc.), who provided a crew of paid workers to help load the EYC’s eight Flying Junior’s on the truck to ship them to their new owner.  Also thanks to Steve’s son Charlie Sauter who helped carry booms and sails to be loaded!

Thank you to everyone who helped the EYC flip over its newly repainted Flying Scot “Scot Free” during their Thanksgiving holiday (in no particular order):  Matt Smith, Roger Waleffe, Wally Waleffe, Jack O’Rourke, J.R. O’Rourke, Mike Faugust, Isak Peterson, Rex Kahr, Joel Dykman, Mike Lisle, Jay Lott, Xavier Franczyk, John Franczyk, Jim Nelson, Bob Richter, Eric Richter, Steven Richter, and maybe a few other people whose names we didn’t catch during this brief, dim project (if you were there and have not been thanked, e-mail to be thanked later.)  And we can’t thank EYC member Mike Callahan enough for the beautiful forest green paint job he’s done on Scot Free.

And a correction to the dead tree version of the Fall 2012 Eagle’s Cry:  George Kraemer was inadvertently omitted from the list of EYC Directors on the first page.  George was elected to a new three year term as a Director in August 2012.  The EYC regrets the error.

Hugh Meilinger

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

The Ephraim Yacht Club regrets to announce that longtime EYC member and Ephraim summer resident Hugh Meilinger passed away on October 21.

Fall 2012 Eagle’s Cry now available online

Monday, November 26th, 2012

The Eagle’s Cry, the newsletter of the Ephraim Yacht Club, has been mailed to all EYC members and is also available online at  The latest issue features 2012 racing results, an interesting article on jib-and-main racing by John Peterson, an announcement of a winter fundraising gala in Lake Forest to benefit the Aaron R. Moore Sailing Scholarship Fund, a wrap-up of the EYC’s successful 420 fundraising campaign, a description of the EYC’s new online membership renewal system, a story on the 2012 Flying Scot North American Championship regatta, and more!

A big thank-you to everyone who contributed articles to the Eagle’s Cry.  Special thanks to our volunteer editing and publishing crew, Fran Morof and Nancy Claypool.  Twice per year, they spend a lot of time producing a timely, high-quality newsletter for the benefit of all EYC members.  Be sure to thank Fran and Nancy next time you see them!

Holiday gift ideas from the EYC

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

If you have a fanatic racer or just a casual sailor in your family, consider a sailing-related gift for the holidays.  Here are some ideas:

A sailboat (or just new sails).  There are a lot of reasons why owning a sailboat — instead of just sailing on EYC-owned boats — is a good idea.  Among the top reasons is not having to worry whether you will draw an EYC boat on those days when the number of skippers in the draw exceeds the number of EYC-owned boats.  Used Flying Scots, Optimists and Lasers are not very expensive, hold their value well, and easily be resold when no longer being used.  Or, if your fanatic racer already has a boat, new racing sails are always appreciated, and will pay dividends on the race course.

EYC Membership.  Do you have a son or daughter who is now too old to be included as a Junior member in your Family membership?  An Individual EYC membership would make a great gift.  (Parents, remember that Junior members (children of Family members under 25 years old) don’t have to pay the $200 initiation fee if they become Family or Individual members within one year after their 25th birthday!)  To join the EYC or to purchase a gift membership for somebody, go to

Sailing Lessons at the EYC.  You may be an excellent sailor, but perhaps your spouse or child would prefer to learn to sail from a professional EYC instructor in a relaxed atmosphere without any family dynamics?  The EYC offers group and private lessons for juniors and adults.  Keep an eye on the EYC website at for the 2013 lesson schedule and sign-up link, which will be posted early in 2012.

US Sailing Membership.  US Sailing is the governing body of the sport of sailing in the U.S.  The member benefits are well worth the annual membership cost, including regatta entry discounts, a subscription to American Sailor magazine, e-mail newsletters (which include a lot of valuable racing how-to advice), and discounts on books and gear from the US Sailing online store.  To join (with a 15% discount due to your EYC membership) go to

Sailing World Magazine subscription.  This  magazine is the only monthly published in the U.S. focusing on sailboat racing.  Keep your sailor’s appetite whetted for next summer, with a year-round monthly dose of sailboat racing news and how-to.

A Sailing Vacation.  A winter (or spring break) sailing vacation with friends or family is a great way to cure the winter blahs and will provide memories to last a lifetime.  Skippered and bareboat (unskippered) charters are available in spectacular locations all over the world.  When you compare the cost of a week-long charter to the cost of a week-long family stay at a resort, you will be pleasantly surprised.  Among the best — and closest — places for first-time charterers are the British Virgin Islands.  Just Google “British Virgin Islands Charters” for lots of information.

Sailing Gear.  Does your sailor need a new PFD, sunglasses, sailing gloves, foul weather gear or sailing shoes?  Check out West Marine, Annapolis Performance Sailing or your local yachting store.

Books and Videos.  Search the Internet for books and videos on sailing, covering every subject from the racing rules and tactics, to dramatic accounts of to solo circumnavigations, to idyllic sailing getaways.  Examples:

Understanding the Yacht Racing Rules and Winning in One-Designs by Dave Perry

The Annapolis Book of Seamanship, by John Rousmaniere and Mark Smith

Sailing for Dummies, by J.J. and Peter Isler

Sailing Alone Around the World, by Joshua Slocumb

The Greatest Sailing Stories Ever Told, Christopher Caswell (ed.)

Fifty Places to Sail Before You Die: Sailing Experts Share the World’s Greatest Destinations, by Chris Santella

Atlantic High, by William F. Buckley

For videos on a variety of sailing subjects, including basic instruction, racing how-tos, and cruising guides, search on under “movies and TV” for “sailing”.

The EYC Needs a Few More Helpers Friday November 23

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

The EYC needs a few more volunteers to help flip over a Flying Scot on Friday, November 23 (the day after Thanksgiving) at 5:00 PM in Jacksonport.

Our Flying Scot “Scot Free” has a like-new paint job, courtesy of volunteer Mike Callahan, and now we need to flip it right side up and get it back on its trailer!

If you can be there, please e-mail

The EYC Needs 8 Helpers Friday November 23

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

The EYC needs at least eight strong volunteers to help flip over a Flying Scot on Friday, November 23 (the day after Thanksgiving) at 5:00 PM in Jacksonport.

Our Flying Scot “Scot Free” has a like-new paint job, courtesy of volunteer Mike Callahan, and now we need to flip it right side up and get it back on its trailer!

If you can be there, please e-mail

EYC Member Benefit: Reciprocal Privileges

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

One EYC member benefit which sees a lot of use in the winter, as many of our members travel south, is reciprocal privileges.  Reciprocal privileges allow EYC members to use the facilities of other yacht clubs in certain circumstances.

The EYC is a member of the Yachting Club of America.  YCOA member clubs afford limited reciprocal privileges to each other’s members.  Not every yacht club in the U.S. is a YCOA member.  In addition, some yacht clubs which are not YCOA members may afford reciprocal privileges to EYC members upon presentation of an EYC membership card.

To determine whether any particular club is a YCOA member, go to  You can access the members-only area of the YCOA website using the User ID and password printed on the back of your EYC membership card.

YCOA member clubs can choose the level of reciprocal privileges afforded to nonmembers.  Therefore, your EYC membership does not necessarily afford you every privilege of membership in another YCOA club.  Frequently, reciprocal privileges are limited to use of a club’s bar and restaurant (after presenting a credit card), but may also include transient dockage or similar benefits.  EYC members are strongly urged to contact the host club well in advance of arrival to learn the terms on which reciprocal privileges are offered.

The EYC does not offer reciprocal billing to EYC members.  EYC members must make their own billing and payment arrangements with other YCOA member clubs.

EYC Member Benefit: Join US Sailing at a Discount

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

EYC members and friends can join US Sailing, the national governing body of the sport of sailing in the U.S., or renew their US Sailing membership, at up to a 20% discount.

The discounted US Sailing membership fees are:

Youth:              $20 (normally $25)

Individual:       $50 (normally $60)

Family:             $75 (normally $90)

Why should you join US Sailing?
As a member of US Sailing, you make it possible for US Sailing to develop and maintain programs that help the EYC. These programs include training for our certified instructors and race officials, resources for our junior program, support for our volunteers, insurance, and more.  And, as a member of US Sailing, you will support efforts to maintain the health and integrity of sailing and ensure a bright future for all sailors.

What will you receive as a member of US Sailing?
As a member of US Sailing, you will receive lots of great benefits including:

To join US Sailing at a 20% discount, go to


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