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Save on lesson tuition with afternoon enrollment

Monday, March 31st, 2014

EYC parents and grandparents:  did you know you can save 10% on tuition for most EYC junior group lessons by enrolling your students in the afternoon instead of in the morning?

Three of the EYC group lesson levels — Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced — are offered in both the morning and the afternoon during our busiest three lesson sessions, C, D and E.

The instructors, equipment, and curriculum of these morning and afternoon lessons are identical.  The only difference is the price!  A two-week Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced lesson (30 hours of instruction) in Session C, D or E costs $330 in the morning, but only $300 in the afternoon.  For cost-conscious EYC parents, that’s a savings of 10%!

Morning lessons take place from 9:00 AM to noon.  Afternoon lessons take place from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM.  For more information about EYC sailing lessons, and to enroll, go to

If you have already enrolled your student in a morning class in Session C, D or E and wish to switch to an afternoon class, it’s not too late.  Just e-mail  We’ll make the switch for you and refund the difference in tuition.

EYC spring Gala in Lake Forest April 26

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

The EYC’s big event of the off-season is just four weeks away!  Don’t miss this fun dinner at the Lake Forest Club on April 26!

The evening will include dinner, music, cocktails, and socializing with your EYC friends, with a Caribbean theme and steel drum music! It’s a perfect opportunity to catch up with your summer friends as summer approaches. There will be a silent auction too, with lots of great items!

The event benefits the EYC’s Aaron R. Moore Sailing Scholarship Fund.  Even if you cannot attend, you can still help the EYC and the Fund by donating at

The Moore Fund provides sailing lessons at the Ephraim Yacht Club to youths who are year-round residents of Door County and otherwise would not be able to afford lessons. In 2013, 32 students were granted sailing lesson scholarships by the EYC.

Seating is limited and advance registration is required.  Register now!  To register, go to:

Questions? Contact

Employment opportunities at the EYC

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

The EYC is soliciting applications for two positions for the 2014 summer season: Junior Instructor and Race Manager.

For more information on the positions, and to learn how to apply, go to

Enroll in the Laser clinic before it fills

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

The EYC’s first-ever Laser clinic (July 10-11) is more than halfway filled. Enrollment is limited to just 15 students.  Enroll soon before the clinic fills!

Students enrolled in the Advanced and Racing classes in Session C are eligible to enroll separately in the Laser clinic, because those classes end July 9.

For more information about the Laser clinic, and to enroll, go to

Q & A: Aaron R. Moore Sailing Scholarship Fund

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

The Aaron R. Moore Sailing Scholarship Fund is relatively new to the EYC, so we provide this handy Q & A.

Q:  What is the purpose of the Fund?

A:  The Fund provides EYC sailing lesson scholarships for students who are year-round residents of Door County who would not otherwise be able to afford lessons. Also, some of the money raised by the Fund each year is deposited into an endowment to pay for future scholarships.

Q:  Who was Aaron Moore?

A: Aaron was a lifelong sailor and sailing instructor whose life ended tragically in 2008.  Aaron’s parents Rob and Sherry Moore, his brother Adam, and Adam’s wife Barb are EYC members.

Q:  Why did the Moore family create this fund?

A:  To tell why the Moore family has created an EYC fund in Aaron’s name, we cannot improve upon the words of Sherry Moore:

“Rob and I want to tell you how happy and grateful we are to the EYC for the opportunity to establish a scholarship fund in our son Aaron’s name.  From the very beginning we wanted to create a sailing scholarship because that was Aaron’s first love.  He loved sailing (he started at 4 years old, and was on a sailboat at least every summer weekend for the next 20 years) and he especially loved teaching sailing and racing.  Our family thought long and hard about a fund for the Lake Forest Sailing program, where Aaron sailed and taught, but not many students there need scholarships.  Aaron would want to help introduce children to sailing who might not have otherwise had a chance.  We are so proud to help enable the EYC to provide educational opportunities and promote good sportsmanship through sailing scholarships.  After much confusion, sleepless nights, prayer and patience over the last four years,  we knew that we would find the “right” program.  Our family’s love for Ephraim and the whole Door County community make this just really the right thing to do.”

Q:  How can I help?

A:  Please attend the Fund’s gala dinner and silent auction at the Lake Forest Club on April 26.  Advance reservations are required.  To register, go to

Q:  Whoo hoo, party!  What’s happening at the party?

A:  The Caribbean-themed party is your chance to catch up with your EYC friends as summer approaches.  There will be an open bar, steel band music, excellent appetizers, a gourmet dinner and a silent auction.

Q:  Is the party only for EYC members?

A:  The Moore the merrier!  The party is open to anyone who wants to help support the Fund, not just EYC members.  Bring your friends as your guests, or invite your friends to register themselves at

Q:  I can’t attend the party, but I would like to help the Fund.  How do I donate?

A:  The Fund would be grateful for your donation of goods or services which we can auction off. Or, you can donate to the Fund by check or credit card. To donate goods or services, contact event co-Chair Sherry Moore, or phone (847) 702-6974.  To donate using a credit card, go to  To donate by check, mail your check to the EYC at P.O. Box 331, Ephraim, WI 54211

Q:  Is my donation tax-deductible?

A:  Yes, the EYC is qualified as a 501(c)(3) charity, so your donation is tax-deductible.  All donors will receive a written acknowledgement of their donation from the EYC.

Q:  How many scholarships has the Fund provided so far?

A:  The Fund helped pay for 45 sailing lesson scholarships for EYC students in 2o13, its first year.  We hope the EYC will be able to offer at least as many scholarships in 2014.

Q:  Where is the Lake Forest Club?

A:  It’s in Lake Forest, Illinois, in the north suburbs of Chicago, conveniently located for EYC members living in the Milwaukee, Chicago and Madison areas.

Team Racing Clinic July 12-13

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

The EYC is offering a 2-day Team Racing clinic in 420-class dinghies on Saturday and Sunday, July 12-13. This clinic will be a highlight of the EYC’s 2014 sailing season.  The clinic will be led by a college level coach and a 2012 Olympic sailor.  TO ENROLL CLICK HERE. 

The clinic will serve as an introduction to team racing and will include approximately 12 hours of instruction. For students who may wish to race in high school or college, this clinic will provide a useful introduction to team racing, which is common at those levels.

The clinic is open to students ages 12 through 18. EYC membership is not required in order to enroll in this clinic. To enroll in the team racing clinic, students enrolled in the EYC lesson program must be eligible to enroll in the EYC’s Advanced or Racing lesson levels; non-EYC students must be proficient in sailing a 420 or similar boat.

The clinic will be led by Bobby Collins and Scott Flanigan.

Bobby is the current Sailing Director at the Chicago Yacht Club and previously was the CYC’s head coach. A native of Ireland, Bobby has competed in championship level dinghy racing worldwide, and has over ten years experience as a professional sailing coach. He is a US Sailing Level 3 certified instructor.  Most recently he coached the Northwestern University Sailing Team to qualify for the college team racing national championships.

Scott is an instructor at the Chicago Yacht Club.  He represented Ireland in the 470 class at the 2012 Olympic games.

The clinic price of $132 includes instruction, use of EYC boats, lunch and beverages Saturday and Sunday, and a textbook.

Enrollment is limited to only 18 students.  To enroll, click here. 


Q:        What is “team racing?”

A:         Team racing is an awesomely fun game played in sailboats, which grows in popularity each year, especially among high school and college racers.  Two teams (usually with three boats on each team) sail around a short race course.  The object isn’t to finish first in your own boat.  Rather, the object is to make your team’s combined finishes better than the combined finishes of the other team.  Your team can win without one of your boats finishing first.

Q:        What’s different about Team Racing, compared with regular fleet racing?

A:         Team racing places less emphasis on straight-line boatspeed, and more emphasis on tactics, boathandling, rules knowledge, and of course, teamwork.  You don’t have to be the fastest sailor on the course to help your team win!

Q:        Why is team racing so much fun?

A:         Team racing involves a lot of short course racing, with many tacks, jibes, mark roundings and other maneuvers in each race.  It’s non-stop action!  Most of the tactics involve hindering the other team, which is always fun.  And, if your team does not win, there is another race starting in a few minutes, so you always have another chance.

Q:        Will team racing help my regular fleet racing skills?

A:         Yes.  The boathandling, rules and tactics learned in team racing will improve your fleet racing results, too.

Q:        Will the EYC offer team racing opportunities outside this clinic?

A:         The EYC will include team racing in its Racing class curriculum.  Students who attend the Team Racing clinic will be able to further develop their Team Racing skills in the Racing class.

Q:          How do I enroll?

A:           Click here.

Lesson Session “A” added June 9-13

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Due to popular demand, the EYC will offer junior group sailing lessons during a one-week lesson session “A” June 9-13.  Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes are each offered during Session A. A limited number of enrollment slots are available.

Lessons are filling up fast!  Enroll now to reserve your 2014 group lessons, before your preferred dates and times are filled.  Lessons also are offered in Sessions B, C, D, E and F, through August 15.

To learn more about EYC lessons, and to enroll, go to


The EYC has restructured its junior lesson program to reduce the number of lesson levels and simplify the curriculum.  The number of junior lesson levels has been reduced from eight to four.  The four remaining lesson levels have been renamed in a more descriptive manner, and each level corresponds more tightly to a specific type of boat.  The new lesson levels are:

Beginner, for students age 7-17.  Students formerly eligible to enroll in the EYC’s Sailing Camp, Level 1, Level 2, Level 1 Teens, or Level 2 Teens should enroll in this level.  Beginner students will be divided into separate sections based on age and experience.  This level will be taught in Optimists (for younger, smaller students) and Flying Scots (for older, heavier students).  The goal of this level is to learn basic sailing skills.  Promotion from this level is required in order to enroll in the Intermediate level.

Intermediate, for students age 11-17.  Promotion from the Beginner level is a prerequisite for this level.  Students formerly eligible to enroll in the EYC’s Level 3 should enroll in this level.  This level will be taught in 420s.  The goal of this level is proficiency in skippering and crewing a doublehanded dinghy in all conditions.  Promotion from this level is required in order to enroll in the Advanced or Racing levels.  Students promoted from the Intermediate level have a choice to enroll in either Advanced or Racing.

Advanced, for students age 12-17.  Promotion from the Intermediate level is a prerequisite for this level.  Students formerly eligible to enroll in the EYC’s Level 4 should enroll in this level or in Racing.  This level will be taught in Flying Scots.  The goal of this level is to achieve proficiency in Flying Scots (including spinnaker work) sufficient to enable the student to skipper a Flying Scot unsupervised.  Passing this level earns the student his EYC “Skipper’s License.”  This level is NOT a prerequisite for the Racing level.

Racing, for students age 12-17.  Promotion from the Intermediate level is a prerequisite for this level.  There is no longer any requirement that a student have his “Skipper’s License” in order to enroll in Racing.  Students formerly eligible to enroll in the EYC’s level 4 should enroll in this level or in Advanced.  Students formerly eligible to enroll in the EYC’s Advanced Racing level should enroll in this level.  This level will be taught in Laser Radials and in 420s.  The goal of this level is to learn racing-level boathandling and tactical skills.  There is no promotion from this level, as there is an infinite amount to learn at this level.

To summarize, if your:

…2013 report card says you are eligible for Sailing Camp, Level 1 or Level 2, or you are under age 11, enroll in Beginner.

…2013 report card says you are eligible for Level 3 and you are at least 11, enroll in Intermediate.

…2013 report card says you are eligible for Level 4 and you are at least 12, enroll in Advanced or in Racing.

…2013 report card says you are eligible for Advanced Racing and you are at least 12, enroll in Racing.


Q:           What if my student has been promoted from Level 2 (now “Beginner”) but is not yet 11 years old?

A:            You should enroll your student in the Beginner level and your student will be assigned to a separate section of relatively advanced Beginner students.

Q:           But my student graduated from Level 2 already, and does not consider himself a Beginner any more.

A:           Did your student win every Optimist race he entered in 2013?  No?  That means your student still has plenty to learn about how to sail a singlehanded dinghy like an Optimist, before your student is old enough and large enough to move on to the larger and more powerful 420 dinghies at the Intermediate level.

Q:          Does my student have to be promoted from Advanced in order to enroll in Racing?

A:            No.  Your student has to be promoted from Intermediate in order to enroll in Racing, but there is no longer any requirement to pass Advanced (formerly called Level 4), nor is there a requirement to pass the Skipper’s Test, in order to enroll in Racing.

Q:           Does the Advanced level prepare students for the Racing level?

A:            No.  Students who are promoted from Intermediate can choose either Advanced or Racing in each subsequent session.

Q:           Upon promotion from Intermediate, is my student’s choice of the Advanced or Racing level a permanent choice?

A:            Students must stay in the enrolled level (either Advanced or Racing) for the length of each session.  However, in each subsequent session, a student can choose either Advanced or Racing.  Students can switch back and forth between Advanced and Racing as many times as they like, from one session to the next.

Q:           Why might my student want to enroll in the Advanced level if she could just go straight from Intermediate to Racing?

A:            The Advanced level focuses on teaching the skills relevant to sailing a Flying Scot, which is larger, heavier, and more complex than the boats used in the Racing level.  The Advanced curriculum is designed to train the student to pass the EYC’s Skipper’s test.  The Advanced curriculum includes certain skills not taught in any other level, like anchoring and using a spinnaker.  Passing the Skipper’s test (earning a Skipper’s License) is required in order for the student to be able to skipper an EYC-owned Flying Scot outside of lessons, including in EYC races and regattas.  If your student never wants to skipper an EYC-owned Flying Scot, and does not desire to learn how to raise, fly, jibe and douse a spinnaker, then certainly the student might choose to go straight from Intermediate to Racing, which focuses on Laser Radials and 420s.

Q:           My student is just not that interested in racing, but still wants to sail.  What do EYC lessons offer to him?

A:            The EYC’s Beginner and Intermediate levels are focused on overall sailing skills, and not necessarily racing, although racing skills are sometimes taught, and some Beginner and Intermediate drills have racing aspects.  Upon promotion from the Intermediate level, students who are not interested in racing should enroll in the Advanced level, which focuses on seamanship and general sailing skills, and not much on racing.

Q:           Are the textbooks the same as last year?

A:            We have upgraded our textbooks to better match the lesson levels.  The 2014 Beginner textbook “Learn Sailing Right – Beginning Sailing” ($10) is the same as the textbook used for Levels 1 through 4 in 2013.  The 2014 Intermediate textbook “Learn Sailing Right – Intermediate Sailing” is new for 2014 and therefore all Intermediate students will be required to purchase this textbook ($10).  There is no required textbook for the Advanced class.  The Racing class has a new textbook called “Getting Started in Sailboat Racing” and therefore all Racing students will be required to purchase this textbook ($20).

Q:           How do I purchase a textbook?

A:            You pay for your textbook during the lesson registration process, and pick it up on the first day of lessons.

Q:           Why is my daughter being charged $385 for her afternoon Racing class, while my son is being charged $300 for his afternoon Intermediate class?

A:            The per-hour rate which the EYC charges for group lessons has not changed from 2013.  EYC lessons are priced at $11 per hour for morning classes, and for afternoon classes which are not also offered in the morning.  Thus a 30-hour morning Intermediate class is $330, and a 35-hour afternoon Racing class is $385.  To encourage afternoon enrollment, afternoon classes which are also offered in the morning cost $10 per hour.  Thus a 30-hour afternoon Intermediate class costs $300.

Q:           My student wishes to enroll in Session C Advanced, which is only 8 days long instead of the usual 10 days.  Will I be charged only 80% of the normal tuition?

A:            Yes.

Q:           Can I enroll in the Laser clinic even if I am an adult?

A:            Yes.  The Laser clinic is open to junior and adult students ages 12 and up.

Q:           Can I enroll in the Adult Women’s Racing class if I am a novice sailor?

A:            No.  The Adult Women’s Racing class is intended for students who already possess basic sailing skills, who wish to learn racing-level boathandling techniques, racing tactics, and racing rules.

Questions?  Contact

Rent an EYC locker for 2014

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

EYC lockers are now available to rent for the 2014 season.

Small lockers are 12″ high, 12″ wide and 16″ deep, and cost $26.38 for the season.

Large lockers are 34″ high, 14″ wide and 16″ deep, and cost $52.75 for the season.

Prices include sales tax.  Lockers are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

You must be a 2014 EYC member in order to rent a locker.  To renew your EYC membership for 2014, go to and click “member login”

Lockers are available for use beginning Saturday, May 24 and must be emptied (and locks removed) by 9:00 AM on Saturday, August 30.  Renters must supply their own padlocks.

Locker rentals are available via online registration only, with payment by credit card or debit card.

To rent your EYC locker for 2014, click here.

Questions on locker rentals, or having trouble using the online rental reservation system?  Contact

Max Robinette

Sunday, March 16th, 2014

The EYC regrets to announce the passing of member and former Commodore (2006-2007) Maxwell A. (“Max”) Robinette, on March 10.  An obituary can be viewed here:


Upon request of surviving family, the EYC will send a notice of the passing of members and former members of the EYC, by means of an e-mail to all EYC members and a post on the EYC’s blog.  If you wish the EYC to announce the passing of a family member, e-mail; please include a link to an online obituary.

The EYC has an online membership directory

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

Did you know the EYC has an online membership directory?

That’s right, in addition to the annual printed membership directory which you receive when you join or renew your membership, the EYC maintains a complete and up-to-date membership directory online. The online directory is available at no cost at any time.  Access is restricted to current EYC Family, Senior, Single, Life and Honorary members.

The online membership directory has several advantages over the printed directory.  It can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have Internet access. And, it is more current than the printed directory.  The printed directory does not contain new members who join after April 1, nor does it contain members who renew their memberships after April 1.

The online directory is password-protected.  To access the online directory, go to, then click “member login.”

Then log in using the same username and password that you used to renew your membership.  (If you forgot, there is a link you can use to retrieve your username or password.)

Then click “membership directory.”

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