EYC 2006 Series Race and Regatta Results

2006 Ephraim Regatta Results

Flying Scot

Series A:

1st        Hugh Haggerty           45pts

2nd        David Valentine          69pts

3rd        George Carey              90pts

Series B:

1st        David Valentine          101pts

2nd        JP Pillat                       107pts

3rd        Jonathan Thomas     140pts

Saturday Series:

1st        Dan Engelke               119pts

2nd        David Valentine          122pts

3rd        Hugh Haggerty           152pts



Series A:

1st        Isaac Peterson             6pts

2nd        Stephan Peterson        14pts

3rd        Olivia Harlan               19 pts

Series B:

1st        Stephan Peterson        3pts

2nd        Kirsten Aarsvold         6pts

Flying Junior

Sunday Series:

1st        Hugh Haggerty           3pts

2nd        Scott Pearson              6pts

The Ephraim Yacht Club is a family oriented non-profit organization focused on forwarding sailing education and racing to students of all ages located in the town of Ephraim, in Door County, Wisconsin on beautiful Eagle Harbor.