Reciprocal Privileges

The EYC is a member of the Yachting Club of America.  YCOA member clubs afford limited reciprocal privileges to each other’s members.  Not every yacht club in the U.S. is a YCOA member.

In addition, some yacht clubs which are not YCOA members may afford reciprocal privileges to EYC members upon presentation of an EYC membership card.

To determine whether any particular club is a YCOA member, go to  You can access the members-only area of the YCOA website using the User ID and password printed on the back of your EYC membership card.

Reciprocal Benefits Afforded to EYC Members

YCOA member clubs can choose the level of reciprocal benefits afforded to nonmembers.  Therefore, your EYC membership does not necessarily afford you every privilege of membership in another YCOA club.  Frequently, reciprocal benefits are limited to use of a club’s bar and restaurant (after presenting a credit card), but may also include transient dockage or similar benefits.  EYC members are strongly urged to contact the host club well in advance of arrival to learn the terms on which reciprocal privileges are offered.

The EYC does not offer reciprocal billing to EYC members.  EYC members must make their own billing and payment arrangements with other YCOA member clubs.

Reciprocal Benefits Offered by the EYC

The EYC offers the following benefits to members of YCOA clubs:

The EYC does NOT offer any of the following to members of YCOA clubs:

Persons wishing to obtain these benefits should consider joining the EYC.  Membership is open to all and is very inexpensive.  For more information on joining the EYC, click here.  

The Ephraim Yacht Club is a family oriented non-profit organization focused on forwarding sailing education and racing to students of all ages located in the town of Ephraim, in Door County, Wisconsin on beautiful Eagle Harbor.